A beautiful bond is more than just a lash treatment

A beautiful bond is more than just a lash treatment

A beautiful bond goes far beyond the lash treatment, it’s how trust and strong friendships are made, from booking your first consultation to regular treatments and getting the best aftercare advice for your most beautiful healthy lashes.

It’s not one-size-fits-all, it’s what-size-fits-you so it’s important your lash artist gets to know you and your lashes. Lynn’s client Leila says, “I love that Lynn understands me so well now and I can trust her to give me the perfect lash lift every time!”

A beautiful bond creates a close connection as you and your lash artist really get to know each other. Sara talks about her beautiful bond, “Dani comes to me every 3 weeks to keep her lashes maintained, prior to this I’ve known her for 5 years. She’s a lifelong friend of mine and the regular catch ups keeps our bond strong.”

Dani agrees and is so grateful for their bond, “We’ve known each other for over 5 years now so our friendship is strong, we bounce off each other and it’s so nice to have a friend and amazing lash artist rolled into one!”

Amanda and Danielle’s close connection is clear to see too – “My bond with Danielle is so special because from having that hour together while she gets her lashes done, chatting about everything and anything really built trust between us. I got to know her and from that we are now extremely good friends. It’s amazing how being pampered by someone you trust allows you to open up …. and for an amazing friendship to bloom.” – Amanda

“The bond I have with Amanda is very special because she makes me feel so welcome and I feel completely relaxed during my treatment. Plus, I know I am in safe hands with the amazing results I get with her that last!” – Danielle

Lash treatments with Nouveau Lashes artists can develop into real long-term genuine friendships. Start your beautiful bond today. Find your nearest lash artist.