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6 Reasons to get Extend Lashes

6 Reasons to get Extend Lashes

Are you wanting to treat yourself to a gorgeous set of lash extensions, but aren’t sure which are for you? Introducing our Extend Eyelash Extensions

We have shared the benefits of getting SVS and Express lashes here, but in this blog post we are going to shout about how much we love Extend Eyelash Extensions! No two treatments are the same, as the technician will tailor the look to exactly how you want it, taking length, thickness and shape into consideration. With results lasting up to 8 weeks, and leaving you with a flawless ‘woke-up-like-this’ look- you better get running over to our salon finder!

Tailored to You

A classic set of Nouveau Extend Eyelash Extensions can take up to 90 minutes and the number of looks that can be created by your technician are endless. From a more natural set, for those wanting a everyday, natural look, to something more glamorous and full, your wish is their command! A perfect way to add length and volume to those wanting to give their lashes a little ‘oomph’.


The one-on-one application method, together with your consultation where the technicians will has pre-assessed the condition of your natural lashes, means they will be able to decide the correct length and thickness of extensions to use. Our synthetic eyelash extensions are all developed to the very highest standards, and the premium quality means there is no chance of overloading the lash and causing damage or ‘drooping’.

Low Maintenance

The treatment itself is extremely relaxing. Once the overall look has been decided from the consultation, the pre-treatment card details have been filled out and you’ve got yourself comfy on the bed, simply lay back, relax and dream about the perfect set of lash extensions you are about to wake up with! (Lash naps are completely free of charge).

No Damage

We are dedicated to promoting and maintaining eyelash health here at Nouveau Lashes, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing that there has been absolutely no damage to your own natural lashes during the process. From the prep beforehand, to the actual treatment and the aftercare, where you have the option to purchase any of our aftercare products. We recommend our brand new Lash and Lid Foaming Cleanser, which we have carefully formulated to encourage lash health and keep debris at bay.

Beautiful Results

All our Nouveau technicians are trained to the highest possible standards, taking great attention to detail to all aspects of your treatment to ensure the best experience possible. As well as leaving the salon with the lashes you longed you, we want you to know that you have been in the most experienced hands, using the highest quality products that will promote and maintain the original condition of your natural lashes- if not better!

Easy Removal

The precision in which your lashes are applied, means that you can remove them yourself, from the comfort of your own home. Our Lash Extension Remover has been carefully formulated to take off your lashes safely and effectively, causing no damage to your natural lashes and conditioning them at the same time.

Locate your nearest salon or technician offering Extend Eyelash Extensions on our Salon Finder. After your appointment,  learn how to maintain them until your next infill by following our helpful guide.



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