Side Hustle Like A Beauty Boss

Lashing is a great way to make extra money for any beauty enthusiast. Whether you’re looking to boost your earnings, find a side hustle that works alongside your busy life, or simply love the idea of becoming a lash artist, we’re here to help. Work from home, offer mobile appointments, or rent a room in an already established business, the opportunities are endless.

Make lashes your Side Hustle

Here’s why being a lash artist is the perfect beauty side hustle:

Training that suits you

Whether you’re looking to lift lashes or transform them with extensions, start your new side hustle at home with online theory training and complete your practical training at a later stage.

Real life Side Hustles

Meet some of our lovely artists who began transforming lashes around their other life priorities. We hope their stories inspire you to get started with your beauty side hustle.

How much can I earn from Lashing?

Making lashes your side hustle is one of the best ways to earn extra money from home. Set up your very own beauty room, with the added ease and flexibility to do as many treatments as you like

Treatments per month Earn
5 LVL treatments £225
5 Extend treatments £325
10 LVL treatments £450
20 Extend treatments £650
20 LVL treatments £900
20 Extend treatments £1300

*Based on average treatment prices of £45 for LVL or £65 for Extend

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