Replenishing Lash & Eye Mist

Delivers advanced hydrating, strengthening, photo-protection and anti-ageing benefits to the lashes and eye area.


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Ultimate aftercare for lash extensions

Designed with lash extension wearers in mind, this super-fine mist helps to minimise eye-stinging, watering, redness and potential irritation caused from residual adhesive fumes at the end of lash extension treatments. Simply spritz and you’re good to go. Your lash artist can also use this miracle mist immediately after your lash extensions treatment.

This versatile mist delivers instant, long-lasting hydration to lashes and the complete eye area, without weighing down or impacting lash extensions. The ultra-lightweight formula contains multifunctional protein and antioxidant-rich vitamins C and E to help condition and strengthen lashes from within, as photo-protection ingredients form a shield against the potential daily effects of blue light - also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light - emitted from electronic devices, as well as LED lighting. Packed with powerful prebiotics, this daily use multitasking mist helps to restore a healthy skin microbiome, the skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving eyes and lashes revitalised. Refrigerate for advanced soothing benefits.

Infused with exotic Persian Silk Tree extract and Darutoside, derived from Holy Herb, part of the anti-ageing complex, this versatile mist targets the delicate skin surrounding the eyes, helping to firm and smooth skin texture, for younger looking eyes.

3-Step Lash Care System

Use our Replenishing Lash and Eye Mist daily as part of step 2 (Condition) of our 3-Step Lash Care System. For the first step (Cleanse) use our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser and for the third step (Enhance) use our Triple Enhance Lash Serum.

Simply spritz for advanced hydration


Hold 20-30cm away from closed eyes.

Gently spritz

Spritz half a pump over eye area, or full pump over entire face. Gently tap any unabsorbed product into the skin.

Use daily

Apply morning and night to cleansed skin. Can also be applied over make-up throughout the day for an instant pick me up.


The pump delivers evenly dispersed, micro-fine droplets for an extremely fine mist that doesn’t leave the skin or lashes feeling wet. With this pump, the dispensing area is wider, allowing fewer particles to land in one area, enhancing gentle delivery. By varying pressure, control the delivery for a short burst or a more continuous spray.


  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunligh

Suitable techniques

  • Suitable for lash extensions, LVL treated and natural lashes


Vegan Accredited

This product has been given the Vegan Trademark, an internationally recognised standard for products that are free of all animal use, in ingredients and testing. This product has been given the Vegan Trademark, an internationally recognised standard for products that are free of all animal use, in ingredients and testing.

Pro-Vitamin B5

Deeply hydrates lashes by preventing moisture loss. Helps to improve the structure of hair fibres, for stronger, healthier lashes. Also known as Panthenol, this is well-known for its moisturising properties within skin and hair products, as well as adding shine and body to hair

Aloe Vera

Helps to soothe and condition lashes and the delicate eye area

Sodium Hyaluronate

Has multiple benefits for both skin and hair, and is especially known for its moisturising and softening properties


A powerful prebiotic that boosts the growth of good bacteria

Vitamin C

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a stable form of Vitamin C, known for neutralising free radicals, helps to boost collagen production and even skin tone

Vitamin E

The most well-known vitamin within skincare due to its antioxidant and conditioning properties

Persian Silk Tree Extract

A natural extract known to protect skin from fatigue and ageing caused by glycation


An extract derived from Holy Herb is known to help improve skin elasticity

Budleja Officinalis Flower Extract

A botanical extract that is a powerful antioxidant and free-radical scavenger, known to offer protection from damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet, infrared and blue lights

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