The Complete Guide to False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are an everyday beauty staple and can be found in any good make-up artist’s kit; with such a variety of styles to choose from, false lashes compliment almost any look.

If you look at images of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry, something always stands out: thick, full lash looks that highlight their features and help them to stand out from the crowd. So where can you get false lashes? From the Ultimate Lash Brand, of course!

Our range of professional strip lashes are designed with you in mind, whatever your style. Whether you want a Natural look, Volume or full-on Glamour, there’s a Nouveau lash for you.

Gone are the days when fake eyelashes looked fake; ours have been specifically developed to look and feel as natural as possible. Using 100% synthetic ingredients, Nouveau striplashes are vegan-friendly, animal-friendly and cruelty-free. Nouveau Lashes can be re-used again and again and they're so light you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!

You can shop the collection in our online shop and in selected salons throughout the UK. Not sure which style to go for? Here’s our ultimate guide:


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Natural False Lashes

If a natural look is your thing, it’s best to stick to everyday false lashes; styles that can be worn daily without looking too full or thick. Strip Lash Natural/Style 1 is a firm favourite for those who like to add structure and flare; the strip fits nicely around the natural lashes while complimenting the eye with some subtle longer lashes.

For a fuller, yet still natural looking lash, try Natural/Style 2, which is our fullest look within this range. These lashes add thickness while still maintaining a light and subtle look. If you’re looking to add length, Natural/Style 3 is for you. This lash look will make your lashes look longer without looking too heavy.

For a truly natural look, we recommend Natural/Style 4, it provides everything you want from a lash without looking fake.

Volume False Lashes

Lashes feeling a little lacklustre? You need some volume in your life!

Our Volume/Style 1 set gives your lashes a strong lift and curl, working with your natural lashes to create an exaggerated volume effect. These false eyelashes give a real thick, feathery look, creating the perfect flutter. If you want to add length and depth, the Volume/Style 2 are a more dramatic, wispy version of Volume/Style 1.

If you’re looking for a false lash style to create the illusion of long, precise lashes then Volume/Style 3 is perfect; an elegant style, it’s ideal for making a serious impression. For our most voluminous lash look, use Volume/Style 4 to create a dark, flirty, full set of lashes.

Glamour False Lashes

Our biggest and boldest false eyelashes can be found in the Glamour range. If you want to start off with our most elegant glamour lash, the Glamour/Style 1 set is defined and precise. For a complete WOW factor, go for the Glamour/Style 2 lash, which is big, bold and dark, with added length for total razzle-dazzle. 

Glamour/Style 3 has serious fullness at the root, and opens up to a gorgeous flare at the tip, and our most glam lash style, Glamour/Style 4 is ideal for a pronounced stage and show look, for lashes that will stand out from miles away.

All of our false eyelashes feature a mini vial of professional latex-free, non-irritable, low vapour and heat/humidity/sweat/water resistant adhesive. With free delivery for consumers, our strip lashes are £6.99 a pair. Shop now, or visit the Salon Finder to locate your nearest stockist.

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