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It’s time to complete the picture. Frame your amazing eyes with brows tailored to your unique bone structure by your Nouveau Brow Design specialist.

Trust us when we say you’ll benefit from being a little bolder. With brows that are perfectly shaped. Perfectly coloured. Perfectly defined.

However you present yourself to the world, your power is in your individuality. So whether you’re all about natural beauty or red-carpet glamour, say it with your eyes. And never ever underestimate the power of raising a meticulously groomed brow.

Treatment after

What does the treatment involve?

Our whole Nouveau Brow Design suite of shaping and defining techniques, including tinting, waxing, threading and makeup.

How long will it take?

It’s down to the particular style you’re looking for. But usually around 45 minutes.


How much will it cost?

Where in the world are you? Nouveau technicians set their own rates depending upon where their salon is. The baseline for brow design is $40




How long will it last?

Expect two to three weeks of beautifully defined brows.


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