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How to look after your Brow Design

How to look after your Brow Design

You’ve taken the first step into living your best brow life, by investing in Brow Design! With every treatment, once complete, you will receive the correct aftercare advice from your brow artist.


The tinting and hair removal element of the treatment will last between 2-4 weeks, depending on the speed of your natural hair growth. However, the make-up is not permanent and can be removed with your normal eye make-up remover or cleanser. To ensure you can recreate your power brow yourself at home, and create that salon fresh look every day, the Nouveau brow sculpting palettes can be purchased from your brow artist for you to take home.


The palette comes in three shades, to cater for all hair colours. The gorgeous, pigmented powders are also perfect to double up as eyeshadow, so why limit yourself to just one? It is also heat proof, water resistant and smudge proof- probably the most important factors when it comes to eyebrows!


To keep your eyebrows and lashes super enriched with the proteins they require to grow healthy and strong, we highly recommend purchasing the Nouveau Lashes and Brow Conditioning Serum. Also used as part of your Brow Design treatment, it not only protects, holds the brows in shape but also deep conditions.


And finally, the last step in looking after your perfect brows, booking your next appointment! Make sure you book in with your Brow Design artist on a monthly basis to ensure they remain beautifully maintained. Find someone close with our Salon Finder.