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LVL: The Best Beauty Treatment for Hay Fever and Allergies

LVL: The Best Beauty Treatment for Hay Fever and Allergies

What is there not to love about summer? The days are longer, the nights are warmer, and nature is thriving with lush greenery and blooms in every colour of the rainbow.


Ideal for getting that perfect Instagram shot of your triple scoop ice cream (with all the toppings, obviously) in the park, not so ideal for those suffering with hay fever.


Hay fever season can start as early as March, when trees begin to release their pollen, right up until October, so for those with extreme allergies, they may only have around five months’ pollen-free in the whole year!


Puffiness, streaming eyes, and red raw skin from having to blow your nose for the 50th time that hour is not easy to keep under control, even if you do keep yourself armed with a litre of water and a constant supply of antihistamines. To many, the mere thought of applying makeup is a complete no-no, never mind going full glam.


So, what does a die-hard beauty lover do when they have hay fever? Is it possible to accentuate your features without having to risk a pair of seriously sore panda-eyes?


Our LVL lash lift gives the appearance of thicker, fuller, longer lashes without the need for any mascara whatsoever! The revolutionary treatment straightens your natural lashes at the root, so unlike a traditional lash perm it creates the effect of longer, lifted lashes from the moment you wake up. The treatments lasts 6-8 weeks, making it the perfect high impact, low maintenance treatment for those suffering with allergies. (This also means those with extreme allergies only have to book 4 treatments to carry them through the entire pollen season!)


Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic 24-hour, brightening, superglue foundation or waterproof eyeshadow palette, but we say skip the makeup and let your lashes do the talking! Once you discover LVL, you will never go back. Find your nearest salon here.