Everything you need to know about lash infills | Nouveau Lashes

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the lash industry, it never hurts to revisit the fundamental basics and we know there is one topic that many of our lash technicians are still not sure about; Infills.  Why do clients need them and how much should you charge?

Why do clients need infills? 

The long and short of it is that the longevity of all lash extensions is at the mercy of mother nature. What many clients might not know is that we’re susceptible to lash shedding, a natural occurrence that happens when we reach the renewal stage of the lash life cycle.

Natural eyelashes continue to grow, mature and shed in a continuous cycle. As lash extensions are bonded to natural lashes, clients new to lash extensions might assume it’s a direct result of having lash extensions. This isn’t the case at all. Clients will tend to notice an eyelash or two falling out when they’ve had a lash extension treatment, so it’s important to remind them and teach clients about the lash life cycle.

After you’ve taught that important lesson, it’s crucial to let them know about lash infills. A full set of lash extensions will look great for the first few weeks, but as a result of the lash life cycle and general wear and tear (particularly those who sleep on their lashes), lashes will start to lose their pristine look. Infills are a necessity for anyone who wants to touch up and maintain their lashes for the full 6-8 weeks.Lash Life Cycle

How many weeks until a client needs an infill? 

The average person has between 90-120 natural lashes per upper eyelid, and when you take into account that on average we will naturally shed 2-5 lashes per day, we lose a lot of lashes over the course of a month.  Here’s the maths…

Week 1 – on average we may lose 21 lashes
Week 2 – on average we may lose 42 lashes
Week 3 – on average we may lose 63 lashes

How many weeks for a new set of lashes? 

We recommend that you advise your clients to book their lash infill appointment 2-3 weeks after their initial appointment. When you start to reach week 4 and your client is overdue on their infill appointment, it’s about time to start thinking of giving your clients a brand-new set of lashes.

By this point, you’ll be spending the same amount of time as you would be creating a new set of lash extensions from scratch. Also, it is sometimes best to make sure you’re working on a solid foundation – by working on bare lashes, you won’t need to assess which lashes are old or new and out of place – before you commit to creating a set of beautiful lashes.

To make lash extensions last longer , provide or retail to your clients, a mascara wand to keep the lashes looking perfect.  In addition, adhesive-friendly products such as our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser and Gentle Eye Make-up Remover, will respect adhesive bonds, ensuring that lash extensions last longer and lashes look healthy and well maintained. 

How do you determine your infill prices?  

There’s many factors that you’ve probably already taken into account, when calculating your prices for your lash extension services such as Extend, SVS or Russian Volume, such as:

Geographic location
Are you in an affluent area where customers are willing to pay more for your services? How much does the local competition charge for the same service and do you want to be competitively priced?

Level of skill
If you’re well renowned for your lash skills this will affect how much you’ll currently charge. If your portfolio of work speaks for itself in images on social media and your clients leave rave reviews, or if you’ve won a lash competition or two, then be confident in how much you’ll charge.

Business needs
As a business owner, you’ll know how much you’ll need to charge your clients to break even and make a profit for your services.

Here are two popular pricing models that may be useful when calculating your infill prices:

Percentage of treatment price

Charge clients half of your full treatment price.  For example, if you provided a full set of Russian Volume for £75, it would be reasonable to charge clients an infill fee of £37.50.   

Time is Money

Charge clients for the time you are investing in their lash infills.  For example; £x per minute.  This is subject to how confident and quick you are for lash infills.  Perhaps this approach is for the more experienced lash technicians – or those who have clients that need regular infills, which take less time and fewer lashes.