What are wet look lashes? | Nouveau Lashes

What are wet look lashes? | Nouveau Lashes
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What are wet look lashes?

Slicked back hair, dewy skin and glossy lids are tried and tested summer favouritesbut what about wet look lashes? They’re not the newest lash trend on the block, but they’re definitely on the rise. Here at Nouveau Lashes, we predict they’re set to stay. With travel (and holidays!) making a comeback, what better way to recreate that enviable poolside lash look 



What are wet look eyelashes? 

Wet look lashes are created essentially from using lighter lashes to create narrow, pretty much closed fans, which should be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect.  

The light, fluttery feel of classic lashes with a spikey, textured volume look, this is a lash trend we’re sure lots of your clients will love. It’s great for a wide eye, exaggerated look – perfect for clients who love the ‘Kim K’ look. 



How to create wet look lashes 

‘Spikes’ can be created by keeping the fan (almost) closed. The use of curl can be varied, although L+ lashes (very similar to M curl lashes) are a good choice for this look, which you can shop from us. The next thing you need to know is they’re suitable for everyone, but especially for clients with medium to full natural lashes. For clients with sparser lashes lines, the ‘spikey’ effect of wet look lashes may draw attention to clients with a sparser lash line, which is something to keep an eye on for any clients that do ask for this look. 

0.05 and 0.03 lashes are ideal weights for wet look lashes. If you haven’t tried our 0.03 Multi-Length Lash Extensions, you need to! Our lightest lashes ever (so light you won’t believe your eyes) they’re perfect for crafting fluttery volume lash looks. Using lighter weights mean you’re protecting your clients’ natural lashes while using a closed fan.  

Thinking of offering wet look lashes? Maybe you have clients that spring to mind that would love this lash look? It’s super easy to add an instant upgrade to your treatment menu with this trend. Using a bundle of ultra-light volume eyelash extensions, like our 0.03 Multi-Length Lash Extensions, you can easily make an extremely narrow, almost closed fan, to create the wet look lash effect.  



Wet look lashes resemble classic lash extensions, but the bolder, exaggerated look is a more adventurous take. We asked our lash artists to get creative and we’re obsessed. We’re loving Aimee’s @lashloveaimee’s light, fluttery creation. And just look at Olivia’s @_olive_beauty_’s stunning wispy lashes. We’re in awe!  

 Hooked on wet look lashes? Add to your treatment menu and don’t forget to tag @nouveaulashespro in your creations.



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