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Visionaries success at The Lash Games 2019

Visionaries success at The Lash Games 2019

Last weekend our Visionaries competed in The Lash Games 2019 at Olympia Beauty. All competition places were full with a great turn out.

Nouveau Lashes were one of the official sponsors of The Lash Games and our lash educator Debbie Law was a floor judge at the competition, along side a range of professional lash training brands. Debbie says, “I was privileged to be a judge for the third consecutive year at The Lash Games. Each year the calibre of the lash artists improves year on year, the competition is filled with so much talent.”


It was incredible to see our lash artists take their career to the next level by competing against some of the very best lash artists in the industry, from all around the world. Our Visionaries were all scored very highly and achieved amazing results. Scoring top marks in design, symmetry, direction and coverage.

It was a close call between many of the contestants.  As a few of the artists had the same score, the chosen winner was selected by their stickies – the one with the lowest number was crowned the winner.

We were so proud to see one of our Visionaries, Natalie @natalie_lashdoll receive 3rd place in the Master 2D-6D Mixed Volume category. Natalie produced absolutely stunning lashes and she said, “The biggest thanks go to Nouveau Lashes, as if it wasn’t for them choosing me to be a Visionary and sending me to The Lash Games, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.”

Olivia @_olive_beauty_ entered Professional Classic Look category on Sunday and created a beautiful set of Extend lashes using our individual lash extensions. Olivia loves how each set of lashes and style can be made so different for everyone.

Bethan @Bethansianmalton entered Professional 2D-6D Mixed Volume category on Monday. One of Bethan’s main love of lashes is they can suit everyone, “They don’t just appeal to one age demographic. Everyone deserves to feel good and I love making that happen.”

Laura @Lauralashesuk entered Professional 2D-6D Mixed Volume category on Monday. Laura said, “I believe my training about lash health from Nouveau Lashes is why I scored so highly, as it ensured my choice of length, weight and thickness in lash extensions was correct.”

Katie @Sugarlashbeauty entered Expert 2D-6D Mixed Volume category on Monday. We asked Katie why she loves to lash and she said, “When I’m lashing I disappear into my own little world. I tried to do this while competing, and it worked very well”. 

The entire weekend was a huge success and we couldn’t be any prouder of each and every Visionary. Look out for other activities involving our Visionaries over the coming months. We have an exciting 12 months ahead.


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