Summer lash shed and what to do about it

Summer lash shed and what to do about it

Hot summer weather not only increases our happiness (and the desire to hit the nearest beer garden), it also raises our temperature.  A little-known fact is that a change of temperature or increase/decrease of sunshine causes your body to shed hair faster than normal.  This includes eyelashes.

Summer lash shed is perfectly normal

During this time of year, your clients may notice a few more eyelashes on their pillow in the morning.  Perhaps they’ve asked you about it, concerned their lash treatments are causing their lashes to fall out.

You know it’s just normal summer lash shed. But how best to explain it?

Simple. Summer raises our body temperature, which causes our hair to grow and shed faster. And that includes lashes.

How can you help your clients combat summer lash shed?

Assure them it’s perfectly normal to lose two to five lashes a day in summer.

Explain they may need to visit you more often in summer and book infill dates slightly earlier than usual to maintain their usual look.

Suggest they opt for lighter extensions, then you can still create the fullness they’re used to using their newly developed catagen lashes as well as their fully-grown lashes. Brownie points for you.

Finally… stress the importance of aftercare

To help your clients maintain a strong, healthy set of lashes, they can always try your Lash & Brow Conditioning SerumLash & Lid Foaming Cleanser and mascara wands.

Make sure you have enough stock in for summer holiday demand.