How to raise treatment prices without losing clients | Nouveau Lashes

How to raise treatment prices without losing clients | Nouveau Lashes
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How to raise treatment prices without losing clients

Raising your treatment prices also raises the chances of questions from your clients. Throw in the worry of losing your clients in the process and all these factors could be enough to put you off the idea for goodHowever, it’s important to know your worth and charge the prices your services and experience deserve. We’ve put together our top tips for navigating this tricky area of lashing.  



Give plenty of notice 

The last thing you want is clients to find out you’ve increased your prices on the day of their treatment. Give them as much notice as possible! Email them, promote on social media and update any prices on your booking system. This will help things run smoothly and your clients won’t have any surprises. 

Be honest 

If your clients ask why you’re increasing your prices, tell them. If you’re open and honest, chances are they’ll be understanding. As long as you take the necessary steps to give your clients as much notice as possible and increase your prices proportionate to your costs, they’ll more than likely accept your new prices. Loyal clients will value you as their lash artist and your incredible skills.   


Value your experience 

Have you recently qualified in a new training course or added another beauty treatment to your portfolio? Raising your treatment prices is perfectly understandable with career progression. Maybe you’ve been in the industry for a long time and feel your experience justifies a price increase? Be proud of your success and acknowledge the changes that comes with experience 

Hold your own 

So, you’ve finally found the courage to make some changes, you’re feeling excited and wondering why you haven’t done this sooner? Everything is going great… except for the (small) percentage of clients who aren’t as willing to accept your new prices. If you find yourself in this situation, remember to hold your own and explain your reasoning. Don’t offer your original prices to these clients. This will not only devalue you and your lash service but affect your authority. Never apologise for doing the right thing.  


Gradual changes 

Reviewing your prices annually could be a better option than a sudden, drastic price increase. We recommend reviewing your overheads, insurance and targets before making any changes to ensure you’re on track. The cost of living (and lashing) goes up every year, so it’s perfectly reasonable that your treatment prices increase over time. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of additional PPE and hygiene precautions nowadays, this can all add up and eat into your profit 

We hope we’ve given you the confidence boost you need. Remember, communication is key to raising prices successfully.  



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