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What Are Ombre Lash Extensions?

What Are Ombre Lash Extensions?

Have you ever considered trying out coloured mascara, but weren’t prepared to neglect your trusted Maybelline? Or maybe you considered full-blown coloured lash extensions during festival season… but then opted for glitter instead.

Well, there’s a new lash trend that could tempt colour fanatics everywhere.

Ombre lashes are having a moment, and rather than Balamory vibes, they look uber cool. The good news is the subtle pop of colour is flattering and a great way to experiment, rather than picking up your blue eyeliner for a change.

We are LOVING ombre! They can be subtle enough for any occasion and compliment certain eye colours, so there’s something for everyone. Feeling adventurous? Find out more below…


What are ombre lashes?

Ombre lashes normally begin with black at the root of the lash extension, gradually fading into another colour at the tip in order to create a gradient of colour. Popular colours are blue, green and bright pink, but really anything goes. The black ‘normal’ base of the eyelash extension means that you can apply adhesive seamlessly without affecting any of the colour.

In order to create the gradient effect, the tips of the lash extension are dyed in order to create a contrast against the black fibres. Just like how certain lash extensions can enhance certain eye shapes (see our lash extension treatment page) different coloured ombre lash extensions can make certain eye colours pop. So, if you’ve got a tube of coloured mascara that’s been floating around the back of your make-up stash, ombre lashes could be the next thing to try!



What’s the difference between ombre lashes and coloured mascara?

The main difference is that ombre lashes are extensions which are applied to the eyelash 1-on-1 by a beauty professional. With regards to colour, ombre lash extensions give a subtle gradient of colour, whereas adding coloured mascara to your lashes will cover your lashes from root to tip.

As with normal lash extensions, ombre lashes can add increased volume to your natural lashes. They are ideal for anyone who has sparse or shorter lashes, seeing as coloured mascara might not be enough to achieve the desired impact. Coloured mascara will only coat lashes that are already there, whereas ombre lashes will give the illusion of longer and fuller lashes.

How long do ombre lashes last?

Just as you would expect with any other lash extensions, ombre lashes can last up to 8 weeks. Ombre lash extensions will obviously last longer than coloured mascara (which can simply be washed off) which is something to be mindful of, especially if you’re indecisive.

We hope you’re loving the sound of ombre lashes as much as us!



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