#NLGirlBoss: My Story by Sam Marshall

#NLGirlBoss: My Story by Sam Marshall

Where did #NLGirlBoss Sam Marshall’s Nouveau Lashes journey start?

Sam Marshall trained with Nouveau Lashes during her time at Urban Retreat (Harvey Nichols, Manchester) in 2010. They already had our strip lashes in stock and she was lucky enough to have Karen Betts herself train her in how to apply the brand new line.

When did you decide to become your own Girl Boss?

I was made redundant in 2013 after our salon closed and I didn’t want to just get any old job; I tried working in a college and after 3 months of dreading going in, I handed in my notice and decided to go it alone. I have honestly never looked back!

What piece of advice would you give to yourself at the beginning of your Girl Boss journey?

Take that plunge. It’s scary but if you have the determination and drive you can be hugely successful. One key piece of advice is don’t sell yourself short – don’t work for less than you think you deserve?

How do you define female empowerment?

Female empowerment shows how far we have come. It’s about gender equality and realising that women can be equally as successful as men, and even more so

How did you feel after officially registering your business or opening your own premises?

Nervous! The first few weeks you just hussle – talk to anyone and everyone you can, get your name out there and make sure every client you see has the best experience you can offer. People tell their friends and word of mouth is your strongest marketing tool

How did you acquire your first high profile / influential client? What affect did this have on your business?

At Urban Retreat we sent out ‘Pro Cards’ to press and local celebs offering a discount & incentive to come into salon. They liked the prestige of Harvey Nichols so it was fairly easy. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying but I first told Michelle Keegan about LVL !

Can I just say now though that I don’t believe in offering a discount to celebrities – my current stance is that they will pay for privacy.  I still see quite a few high profile clients privately as I’m based in Media City and I don’t believe in name-dropping. If they want to tweet me I ask that they do it as if they were a friend or regular client  – and they get nothing for free for doing that. Don’t be a therapist that ever does a treatment for free.

Which key factors do you think are the cause of your success?

I’m good at every treatment that I offer. I push for things and ask for what I want. I care about my clients as if they are family. I pride myself in my work and make sure I get noticed. I’m also not afraid to ask brands for help and support when needed.

At what moment did you realise you were truly successful?

When I started teaching my own waxing course – people started travelling to me. My female intimate course is now one of the best out there and I have also been asked to speak at Professional Beauty as an expert 3 times. I get asked to do professional panels often now and I even spray tanned on X Factor.

How do you keep your clients coming back for more?

Amazing service and perfect treatments (most of the time!)

How popular are lash treatments with your client base?

LVL goes mental in the summer and Christmas.

Have you found lash treatments to be beneficial to your business?

LVL is the low maintenance answer to having great eyes. No brainer for me!

The official theme for this year’s International Woman’s Day is #beboldforchange, what’s the boldest thing that you’ve done to get where you are now?

Asked for help. Never be afraid to ask!

Which women along the way have inspired you the most?

Karen Betts (cliché but true!), Tahira Wells (ILAH) – she used to be my Leighton Denny rep and my ex boss and wonderful friend Tina Robinson  – I wouldn’t be where I am now without her ongoing support over the last 10 years.

What message would you give to women in the beauty industry this International Women’s Month?

Realise your potential – you can do whatever you want to do. You only get one life, don’t ever waste time doing something you don’t love. Live that dream!

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