#NLGirlBoss: My Story by Natalie R Vella

#NLGirlBoss: My Story by Natalie R Vella

Talking to Natalie R Vella, our #NLGirlBoss – We first got to know Natalie when she applied to join our blogger network #lashgang. As a professional, creative and super talented make-up artist we were so excited to begin working with her.

As our relationship strengthened, Natalie then went on to train with us in LVL and began offering the treatment to her client base. Since then, her work as an #NLGirlBoss has been shared and appreciated by bloggers and technicians alike.

When did you decide to become your own Girl Boss?

I knew from school whatever I did I wanted to be in control of my own career, I started doing freelance makeup on the side ever since I was 15 starting off with bridal makeup and building up to where I am today!

What piece of advice would you give to yourself at the beginning of your Girl Boss journey?

I would have told myself to not always go by the book. I think you can waste a lot of time going by the generic path everyone else follows and it wasn’t until I started pushing myself that I saw results

How do you define female empowerment?

It means not letting the world tell you how good you can be and breaking through that glass ceiling. Why can’t women be who they want to be without someone telling them what they should be? What is so threatening to society about a powerful woman?

How did you feel after completing your first treatment?

I felt like Bambi! If only nature gave me those lashes

How did you feel after officially registering your business or opening your own premises?

Motivated. I knew that all the effort I put into myself was finally paying off

Which key factors do you think are the cause of your success?

It sounds really cheesy but the way I was brought up by my mother, she brought me up to be very independent and with the mentality of ‘if you want it, go do it for yourself’ I think if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be so confident and sure of my own potential.

How popular are lash treatments with your client base?

LVL  is so popular because there’s nothing but your own lashes involved! The fact its 100% natural lashes only and no maintenance just makes it that much more appealing.

The official theme for this year’s International Woman’s Day is #beboldforchange, what’s the boldest thing that you’ve done to get where you are now?

I think a variation of things, some career like backstage at London Fashion Week, Harpers Bazaar Woman of the Year Awards etc but also personal things that really boosted my confidence – I recently dyed my hair blonde, which I had always been scared of and then went on to dye my hair temporarily bright pink! Pushing my own personal boundaries – I think – has made me feel and act bolder

Which women along the way have inspired you the most?

I think a variation of the countless artistic talents on Instagram and the women around me in my personal life & clients.

What message would you give to women in the beauty industry this International Women’s Day?

Beauty is fun and playful, it’s there to enhance, so my message would be to not turn into a beauty robot and let it define you completely. Beauty is great but to be the best you can be it’s your personality that shines through with your talents

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