Meet the Nouveau Lashes Visionaries

Meet the Nouveau Lashes Visionaries

We were thrilled to receive so many amazing submissions from aspiring Visionaries.  The level of talent amongst Nouveau Lashes artists is outstanding and we are delighted to introduce our chosen five who will represent us at The Lash Games 2019 and for the next 12 months, be our brand ambassadors helping fellow artists and aspiring students….

Bethan Sian Pritchard
Katie Williams
Laura Windle
Olivia Mae Pritchard
Natalie Barton-Phillips

“Selecting only five lash artists from the high-quality entrants we received was extremely difficult and we were blown away by how many of our trained lash artists applied to take part”  – Debbie Law, Nouveau Lashes Trainer and Visionaries Panel Member.

When we asked our Visionaries how they felt about being chosen, they couldn’t be happier…

“I honestly feel honoured to have been selected and definitely in shock because I am well aware of the standard of talent in the industry and especially with Nouveau Lashes artists.  I feel keeping true to yourself, working hard and supporting each other really pays off. I am excited to attend The Lash Games.  Thankyou!”Bethan Sian Pritchard

“When I first saw that Nouveau Lashes were advertising for lash artists to apply to be a Visionary, I didn’t actually think anything of it really. I typed in my details, pressed send and kind of put it to the back of my mind, not expecting anything from it. However, to my absolute shock, I got selected!! I was so happy to receive the call, it was the best news I had received in ages! To be able to represent Nouveau Lashes at The Lash Games is such an honour and I am so excited to get started! “ Katie Williams

“I thank you all at Nouveau Lashes for choosing me and showing me hard work pays off!  I’m really excited, you wouldn’t think it but I can’t fully express how I feel due to the shock but I am so grateful for you giving me the opportunity, it’s the highlight to my year and career.  Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!!”Laura Windle

“I feel overwhelmed and excited to be selected for The Lash Games.  I can’t wait to meet other lash artists and see their amazing work.  I’m proud to be representing Nouveau Lashes and can’t wait to get feedback from fellow professionals in the industry.”Natalie Barton-Phillips

“I feel so privileged to have been chosen for The Lash Games.  When I first started lashing I could only dream of representing Nouveau Lashes. I am so overwhelmed that my work is being recognised.”Olivia Mae Pritchard

All very talented with successful careers, it’s very interesting to learn that some of the Visionaries didn’t come from a beauty background at all…

Bethan’s lash career started after switching from something very different!  “I wanted a change of career from being a head travelling girl in horse racing.  I loved having my lashes done and enjoyed the time spent with my therapist, so I decided to give it a go myself and the rest is history.”

Katie trained in lashes after spotting a gap in the market and her business has been going from strength to strength ever since; “I started lashing around 9 years ago as hardly anywhere in my area offered lash extensions.  I started with classic/semi-permanent lashes, building my clientele which rapidly escalated to creating lashes non-stop, 12 hours a day every day! Lashes dramatically changed my career for the better and I haven’t looked back since.”

Laura wanted to provide lash devotees with perfectly tailored lashes; “I felt there was no one in my area who provided personalised, tailored lashes that suited individual needs, so I decided to fill that gap and become a lash artist myself.”

Olivia thanks her creative nature and talent for beauty for her successful lash career, “I started lashing because I’m a creative person with a flair for beauty, so why not combine them both together and produce something amazing. Plus, I wanted to be my own boss doing a job I adored.”

Natalie saw the potential that a lash business can offer, and is happily reaping the benefits; “At the time I had just decided to take a leap back into work after being a full-time mum, and began to use my love for makeup and creative skills to become a freelance makeup artist but was finding it was just not providing enough passion for me.  I decided to start lashing because I saw how they were taking over the beauty industry.  I was always being asked about lash extensions and after some research and seeing the confidence it was giving to women I decided to give it a whirl!”

We’re very excited to work with our Visionaries, preparing for The Lash Games 2019, keep your eyes peeled for event updates!