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Meet the Nouveau Lashes Visionaries 2021

Meet the Nouveau Lashes Visionaries 2021

We were thrilled to receive so many amazing Visionary entries this year. Now it’s time to meet the Visionaries 2021. We’re delighted to introduce nine new lash artists who will represent us at The Lash Games 2021, along with three of our existing Visionaries, which means we now have twelve incredible Visionaries working with us as brand ambassadors and inspiring other artists to be the best. We’re so excited and can’t wait for you to meet them! 

Jade Seoane
Anna Sutton 
Jessica Foster-Miles
Katie Farnaby
Lauren Downey
Nicole Huggins
Mimi-Jo Robshaw
Krystal Forster-George
Joanne Roebuck

When we asked our Visionaries how they felt about being chosen… they couldn’t be happier! Find out a little bit more about them:



I’m so proud to be a Nouveau Lashes Artist! I love the brand. I have been in the beauty industry for 10 years and will be opening by own beauty salon this summer. I love every aspect of beauty… the relationships you build with clients, the finished result of the treatment and most importantly making my ladies feel confident.” – Jessica Foster-Miles 

Nouveau Lashes is the best lash brand out there and I’m very proud of where I am today because of it. I trained with Nouveau Lashes and they are now my go to brand to see the perfect lash transformation. I started my beauty career in 2017 in a salon and in 2020 made the leap to set up my own business, specialising in lashes. I’m very passionate about my work and thrive for perfection. I strive to make each treatment better than the last.” Anna Sutton 

“I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Nouveau Lashesexpanding my knowledge and love for lashes. I joined the industry 5 years ago, completing a Beauty Therapist Apprenticeship. Last year I took the plunge to open my own business. Katie Farnaby 

I am absolutely delighted to receive the news, that I have been selected to become an Nouveau Lashes Visionary! I feel honoured to represent such a leading brand in the beauty industry. I’ve been running my own business doing LVL treatments for 3 years with 9 years beauty experience and also work full time as a Personal Assistant in the NHS. The most important thing to me is seeing my clients’ reactions and the confidence LVL gives them. I am so excited to attend The Lash Games!” – Lauren Downey 


I’m a single mum of three beautiful girls. My previous jobs have always been geared around beauty but I put my career on hold for a while to bring up my girls. I finally got the opportunity to start up BrowPerfectBristol a few years ago, starting out with just HD Brows then extending into LVL lashes and K.B Pro Microblading. What started as a small part time business has now expanded into my full-time job. I’ve made it my mission for all my clients to leave with that wow factor.” – Joanne Roebuck 

“I feel so overwhelmed to be chosen as a Visionary for Nouveau Lashes, this has been a dream for me, this is by far, the biggest achievement in my career. For my work to be recognised by Nouveau Lashes really is an overwhelming experience and something I am truly grateful for.”  – Nicole Huggins 

“I started my lash career in 2018 and have never looked back. I’ve always been obsessed with precision and perfection – so lashing was a no brainer for me. I’ve absolutely found my calling and to be recognised for this opportunity is incredible.”  – Jade Seoane 

After studying Musical Theatre in London, I decided to focus on a new career in the beauty industry. Having accomplished a wealth of knowledge and experience, I became a self-employed beautician in a Scarborough salon, where I have built up an excellent reputation and am known for being a perfectionist in all treatments!  The proudest moment of my career to date was becoming a Brand Educator for Navy Pro Tools and a Nouveau Lashes Visionary Artist.” – Mimi-Jo Robshaw 

 “LVL gave my business the boost it needed and both myself and my clients have never looked back! Nouveau Lashes products are without a doubt the best on the market and the results speak for themselves, thank you Nouveau Lashes for giving me the confidence in myself and my little business! In 2019, I took the biggest gamble of my life so far and left full time employment to start my beauty dream. Dreams really do become reality when you focus and work hard.” – Krystal Forster-George 


We loved looking back and reading what our other five Visionaries had to say two years ago! We’re so excited to continue working with them, alongside our new team.  We’re thrilled Bethan, Natalie and Laura will be joining us at The Lash Games 2021 this year! We wish Olivia all the best as she becomes a first-time mum. 

“I honestly feel honoured to have been selected and definitely in shock because I am well aware of the standard of talent in the industry and especially with Nouveau Lashes artists.  I feel keeping true to yourself, working hard and supporting each other really pays off. – Bethan Sian Pritchard 

“I was so happy to receive the call, it was the best news I had received in ages! To be able to represent Nouveau Lashes at The Lash Games is such an honour and I am so excited to get started! “  – Katie Williams 

“I thank you all at Nouveau Lashes for choosing me and showing me hard work pays off! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!” – Laura Windle 

“I feel overwhelmed and excited to be selected for The Lash Games.  I’m proud to be representing Nouveau Lashes and can’t wait to get feedback from fellow professionals in the industry.” – Natalie Barton-Phillips 

“When I first started lashing I could only dream of representing Nouveau Lashes. I am so overwhelmed that my work is being recognised.” – Olivia Mae Pritchard 

We’re feeling very inspired and hope you are too. There’s lot of exciting things to look forward to with an even bigger team of talented Visionaries. Keep your eyes peeled for event updates! 



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