How To Match A Bride With Her Best Lash Look

How To Match A Bride With Her Best Lash Look

As soon as a client says they want amazing lashes for their wedding, the pressure’s on. Your lash craft will be in their album forever.  Right up there with their hair, dress and flowers. You really want your work to be exemplary. But where do you start in helping them choose the perfect look that will take them all the way from their big day to their honeymoon and back?


Get to know the bride and her style 

Understanding your clients’ desired look, personal style and what their wedding and honeymoon plans are, will get you off to a great start in making the right recommendation of lash treatment.

Firstly, are they always rocking the natural look?  Or are they the queen of contouring, fully made up without fail?  Either way, you want your lashes to elevate their makeup, putting their eyes centre stage.

Secondly, where are they going on honeymoon? What type of holiday is it going to be? Are they hitting the strip in Las Vegas? Or going snorkelling in the Maldives?

For Vegas you might want to suggest SVS or Extend. For the Maldives, perhaps a combination; LVL to see them through their honeymoon, with dramatic strip lashes applied for the big day?

Help them to choose their perfect lashes 

If they like the idea of timeless, flattering chic, LVL is their thing. If they want to look natural but have a touch of extra lash power, go for Extend. If they want to go full glam, maybe Russian Volume will be their thing.

Show them examples from your portfolio to help them choose. They’ll be grateful to see exactly what they’re going to get and they’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Remember – book their actual treatment two to three days prior to their wedding day.

Finally… stress the importance of aftercare

In addition to the treatment aftercare advice, another important piece of guidance to give to clients is to be mindful of how they rest their head on the pillow for the first 48 hours.

For everything other than LVL and strip lashes, there will be a little maintenance involved while they’re away. If they want their lashes to be the secret ingredient in all their stunning holiday selfies, they need to know that!

They might want to take a little lash maintenance kit with them: Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser, along with a Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum and a few mascara wands.

And just in case any honeymoon suite rough-and-tumble knocks your lash work for six, perhaps suggest an emergency Lash Extension Remover. Wink, wink!