NEW Mascara for Eyelash Extensions by Nouveau Lashes

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Introducing the New Nouveau Lashes Enhance Mascara

Introducing the New Nouveau Lashes Enhance Mascara

Introducing the perfect Mascara for Eyelash Extensions – Our Enhance Mascara

Constantly striving to develop and create innovative new products to add to our repertoire of retail goods, we are back with a product that is guaranteed to be a must-have this party season

Are you an avid eyelash extensions wearer? Whether you can’t live without them, or just treat yourself to a gorgeous full set on special occasions, one of the major appeals is that they look like your own lashes, but better; longer, fuller, but not too over the top for general day-to-day wear. But what about when the weekend hits ad you want to ramp up the volume?  Say hello to our latest offering to the beauty industry, our game changing new Enhance Mascara!

Developed exclusively for use on individual lash extensions to give an added boost of volume and glamour for those special occasions that require it. The double sided brush has been specially designed to allow the user to create natural or dramatic looks, on the top and bottom lashes.

The unique formulation is super nourishing, and contains a blend of argan, safflower and sweet almond oil which aid natural lash growth as well as promoting healthy, strong lashes.

We understand how eyelash extensions require a little more care than usual, which is why the new Enhance Mascara can simply be removed with warm water – no make-up remover, cotton wool pads or make-up wipes required! The purpose of this is to respect the adhesive bonds and avoid loosening them or manipulating the lashes.

Having a break from your bonds? You’re in luck! Our Enhance Mascara can be used on LVL and natural lashes too! However, we do not recommend applying to SVS or Volume style lashes, as this can close the fans.

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