How To Look After Your LVL Lashes

How To Look After Your LVL Lashes

Since we created the revolutionary LVL lash treatment back in 2006, it quickly became our most popular treatment and continues to take the beauty industry by storm.

Immediate results, low maintenance upkeep, amazing value for money, longevity, in addition to the fact that it doesn’t damage your natural lashes (phew!) But, how should you look after LVL?

What’s not to love?

As well as being extremely popular in the beauty industry, LVL lashes fit perfectly into every type of lifestyle. Whether you are a parent who is constantly on the go, a fitness blogger who is constantly in and out of the gym/sauna/pool, or someone who is fairly low maintenance and just wants to invest in a treatment that will accentuate the natural beauty of their eyes without needing mascara (and give them an extra 10 minutes in bed!) Celebrities such as Michelle Keegan and Lisa Snowden absolutely swear by it, and it’s regularly included in beauty bloggers round-ups as one of their favourite treatments. Just ask In The FrowZoe LDN and Tar Marz.

One of the biggest appeals of LVL is that is requires little to no upkeep. However, the first 48 hours post-treatment do require a little bit of TLC and special attention, to ensure you get the maximum results from your lashes. Following the correct aftercare is important, as your lashes are still getting used to their new shape, and failure to do so could lead to an adverse reaction.

Showers, Saunas and Sunbeds

For the first 48 hours post treatment, completely avoid saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools and showers. The high temperature can cause your lashes to drop, or not last as long as they should, which is between 6 and 8 weeks. After this time period, you lashes should be locked in their new shape and you can shower, swim or steam as you please!

Manipulating the Lashes

As difficult as it can be sometimes, try to avoid touching or rubbing your eye area, especially when you are washing or cleansing your face. Eyelash curlers and perming equipment are also completely out of bounds, although once you see the results of your long, lifted natural lashes you will want to toss them in the bin anyway!

Pillow Talk

Another thing to consider is how you sleep. Facing down into the pillow, or sleeping on one side could manipulate the shape of your lashes into different positions. If this sounds like you, try propping up your head with pillows, and making an effect to fall asleep on your back.

Make-Up and Maintenance

An LVL treatment includes a tinting stage, which helps to lengthen and create a thicker appearance in your natural lashes without the need for mascara. However, if you still choose to wear mascara, try and use one with a water-based formula, and avoid waterproof varieties. We also recommend to avoid all oil-based products, especially make-up remover. Remember to brush your lashes through with a clean mascara wand after getting them wet to ensure they dry naturally in their correct shape.

As well as following the tips we have shared above, we also suggest applying our Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum as part of your morning and evening skincare regimen. The new formula is packed full of nourishing goodness which promotes strong and healthy lashes, and even acts as a primer beneath your mascara.

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