How Long Do Semi-Permanent Eyelashes Last?

How Long Do Semi-Permanent Eyelashes Last?

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money of a gorgeous set of semi-permanent eyelashes, just for them to drop out a couple of days later. So how long should false eyelashes last?

We train our technicians to master each technique to the highest level we can possibly nurture them to, before allowing them to carry out treatments professionally on their clients. This means your lashes are in good hands. All brands will give different answers depending on their products and techniques but with Nouveau Lashes technicians, this article will explain how long your new eyelashes last.

Our 1-on-1 method means each individual eyelash is isolated before the lash extension is applied on top, using professional adhesive. The adhesive is strong enough to bond the two together until your next infill appointment, which we recommend every 2-3 weeks, depending on the growth of your lash cycle. (Unfamiliar on the life cycle of an eyelash? We’ve broken it down for you!)

As mentioned above, your semi-permanent lash extensions should last 6-8 weeks. For Extend lashes, we recommend booking your infills around 2-3 weeks after the initial appointment, and for SVS, or Volume 3-4 weeks after. Due to the ‘fanning’ technique used in the latter treatment, the lashes appear fuller for longer, meaning they will last an extra week of wear.

However, as soon as you leave the salon, and your Nouveau technician has created you a perfect set of lashes, tailored exactly to how you wanted them, the rest is down to you! It’s important to keep your lashes clean, which means brushing them daily with one of our mascara wands, and washing them gently twice a week, using our Lash and Lid Foaming Cleanser. Washing them regularly will stop any dirt or debris from settling between the lashes, and continue to keep your whole eye area clean.

As well as keeping them clean and well brushed, there are a number of other ways to maintain a fresh, full, fabulous set of lashes. Avoid using waterproof mascara, liquid eyeliner and oil based make-up removers, as they can loosen the bonds holding your extensions in place. Avoid letting the showerhead point directly into your face and try not to sleep on your face. This is a tricky one, but it’s important to make as much effort as possible to sleep on your back, as you could manipulate or crush the lashes.

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