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Lash treatments are taking the beauty industry by storm

Lash treatments are taking the beauty industry by storm

We know lash treatments have taken the beauty industry by storm, but new reports are in. Lash lifts and extensions might be overtaking popular beauty treatments, not forgetting lash cosmetic products, such as mascara.

The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists have reported lash treatments are now the second most popular service in salons after nails. Almost nine million were carried out around the country last year, that’s just under 170,000 per week!

The news that eyelash and eyebrow procedures are now the third most popular beauty training course, behind manicures and massages, proves that business is booming.

We’re not surprised everyone’s as lash obsessed as us. Eyelashes are such a powerful tool. Lash treatments can speed up your morning routine, boost confidence and illuminate your face. Whatever your style, Nouveau Lashes has a treatment for you.

Our treatments can make you feel ‘good to go’ from the moment you wake; no need to rely on your usual go-to lash products.

According to the Business of Fashion report, even though mascara is the beauty industry’s largest category, its growth is expected to take a dip from 4 percent in the last three years to 2 percent through 2021, according to Euromonitor. Why? Lash treatments like lifts, extensions, and tinting, are skyrocketing in popularity. Hense more people no longer wearing mascara.

Once you start looking out for lashes, you will notice them everywhere! People you pass in the street, at the gym, in your next magazine browse, in the office and even on the likes of Kate Middleton.

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