The Lash Games 2019: Our Visionaries Reveal All

The Lash Games 2019: Our Visionaries Reveal All

The Lash Games 2019 at Olympia Beauty had an incredible turn out. It was a pleasure to watch our talented Visionaries compete and represent Nouveau Lashes. We’re so proud of them!

With this years event planned for October and after the incredible success of our Nouveau Lashes Visionaries at the Lash Games 2019, we wanted to find out more about their experiences! We asked our Visionaries what they loved about competing, and what they would do differently next time. Our Visionaries also offer advice for anybody who is thinking about competing in the future. It’s lovely to see how the competition boosted their confidence and inspired them to continue doing what they love.

Here’s what our Visionaries had to say:

We were thrilled that Natalie @natalie_lashdoll placed 3rd in her category! Natalie reflects on the day and gives some helpful advice for future competitors: “I would definitely compete again if I got the chance, it boosted my confidence! Next time around, I would try to be a bit more prepared and do more practise sets on my model beforehand. My advice to anybody competing is relax! Everybody is in the same situation, no matter the outcome you are amazing for taking that step to compete!”

The Lash Games was the first ever lash competition that Laura @Lauralashesuk had entered. She had thought about entering previously, but never did. “I’ve learned from the experience not to overthink and just do what I love! I think with it being the first time I was nervous, overthought everything and panicked as I really didn’t know what to expect – even more so because of the talent from around the world. If I could give one bit of advice to anyone thinking of competing and even to myself prior to my next competition, just do what you love and enjoy!” We think this is incredible advice… it’s all about the love and dedication for your career as a lash artist, and that’s what our Visionaries represent.

After competing in The Lash Games, Olivia @_olive_beauty_ acknowledged that there is always room for improvement, which is something the competition really highlighted. “There’s always ways to better your lash skills,” says Olivia. “I would compete in The Lash Games again, given another chance, as I found it really helped my confidence and lashing skills. Next time around I would make sure to practise as many times beforehand as possible.” Practise really does make perfect! “Practise, practise, practise, but don’t stress yourself out!” adds Olivia. “You can only do your best, and everyone is in the same situation.” Ultimately, we think it’s having the confidence to give it a go that makes you a real winner.

Competing in The Lash Games gave our Visionaries a wonderful boost of confidence, who are more ready than ever to perfect their lash artist skills and push themselves. We’re so excited to see what the future holds for them.