Lash Cleansing with new oil-free Prebiotic Eye Make-up Remover

Lash Cleansing with new oil-free Prebiotic Eye Make-up Remover

Introducing the latest product innovation from Nouveau Lashes, our new Prebiotic Eye Make-Up Remover Gel.



As the #1 lash brand, we have created an eye make-up remover specifically with lash extensions in mind.

Extremely easy to use and effective at eye make-up removal, this product does so much more than just cleanse.  Its advanced formula contains prebiotics which help keep the skins good bacteria balanced, lash conditioning and thickening properties to enhance health and appearance as well as ingredients known to help reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness.


Lash hygiene is important for all lashes including lash extensions, LVL Lash Lift and natural lashes. If you’ve had a lash treatment, removing dirt and bad bacteria will keep your lashes clean and healthy as well as maintaining the results of your treatment… but how do you cleanse and nourish your eyelash extensions, without interfering with the bonds of extensions?

Prebiotic Eye Make-Up Remover Gel with its advanced formula, glides over lashes and the entire eye area to remove non-waterproof eye make-up without interfering with the adhesive bonds.


Unlike a liquid remover which soaks into the cotton pad and can drag across adhesive bonds, this gel formula sits on top of the pad and acts like a barrier between the bonds and the cotton pad.

Using oil based products around your lash extensions can also affect the adhesive bonds, which can cause your extensions to become loose or fall out. Thankfully, this formula is oil free so you won’t have to worry about that!

A perfect cleansing solution for natural or treated lashes, this product is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes.


The specially selected ingredients give you everything you expect from an eye make-up remover and much more!

  • Prebiotic ingredients promote healthy skin microbiome and minimise the chances of irritation
  • Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Aloe Vera Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate help to condition and moisturise lashes
  • Caffeine and Aloe Vera help reduce the appearance of puffiness and under-eye dark circles
  • Yeast Extract provides moisture retentive properties to the lashes for a measurable thickening effect


This product is also perfect if you’re taking a break from lash extensions or if you prefer LVL or your natural lashes.  In fact, its suitable for all lashes and Nouveau Lashes treatments.

And remember, our Prebiotic Eye Make-Up Remover Gel can be used as part of your Step One in our 3 Step Lash Care System.


New Prebiotic Eye Make-Up Remover Gel