Lash Advice From American Guru Maven Artistry

Lash Advice From American Guru Maven Artistry

Last month, we had the pleasure of meeting Trina Dial Horne, founder of Maven Artistry and world-renowned lash educator and artist.

We caught up with Trina after she completed teaching her Volume Level II training course at our Purley academy, to find out all about Maven Artistry and her top tips to lash lovers…

Tell us a little more about Maven Artistry, when did it evolve?

Maven Artistry was established in 2014 when I decided I wanted a change from working in corporate to be my own boss. Prior to building Maven Artistry, I was a graphic designer and brand strategist for a luxury clothing company. It paid the bills and provided me some creative freedom, but I wanted a profession that gave me the opportunity to inspire others, especially women.

We know you are a master of face shapes. Which shape/style of volume lashes are the most universal?

If I had to pick one style that’s most universal it would be modified round. Since modified round accents the arch of a properly shaped brow and has both lifting and elongating qualities. It’s the best of both worlds!

Why do you think we are so obsessed with our lashes?

Lashes are transformative, they make us feel beautiful! As an artist, having the ability to give someone the gift of confidence fuels the obsession.

What effect can lashes have on  your face and overall look?

Lashes applied by an artist with a strong understanding of Face Studies™ can completely transform the overall appearance of the face by correcting asymmetry, neutralizing the position and pitch of the eye, also reshaping a less than ideal eye shape. Customization is based on standards of beauty, but also completely unique and personal based on the client’s desires and artist approach.

What mistakes do people make when looking for a lash treatment?

The biggest mistake people looking for a lash treatment make is to select an artist based on price without researching their credentials. You get what you pay for and a cheap service is a red flag in the lash industry. Highly skilled and trained professionals charge higher prices because of the investment they’ve made in themselves, developing their skills, and using premium products.

How can people ensure they are receiving a credible, safe treatment?

to ensure you’re receiving service from a credible lash artist that provides a safe treatment, do your research. Ask to see credentials, licensing, awards. Choose an artist that has a strong portfolio and legitimate client reviews.

What should we look for in a lash technician?

Seek an artist who fulfils city/state/country licensing regulations, years of experience are also a plus. Someone who’s active in the lash community, engaging with other artists and attending continuing education courses, lash congresses, competitions, etc, will be a knowledgeable selection and able to answer questions or address concerns thoroughly. Choose an artist who communicates clearly with you.

Any tips for sleeping without ruining your lashes?

Sides and stomach sleeping are discouraged due to friction against extensions. Back sleeping eliminates friction, stress and strain on the lash line. If you simply can’t sleep on your back, invest in a silk pillow case.

Should I change my skincare / cleansing regime for lash extensions?

Products that are oil free are best when wearing extensions. This ingredient can break down adhesive bond, reducing longevity of the extensions.

What aftercare advice would you recommend?

Following aftercare guidelines will ensure natural lash health is maintained – wash lashes daily with eyelash extension formulated cleanser, use oil-free products, brush lashes to maintain direction, don’t touch/pick/or pull on the extensions, sleep on your back or use a silk pillowcase, avoid heat from ovens, grills, lighters, blow dryers as extensions are delicate fibres that can change structure in the presence of heat.

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