Flat Lashes – Split Tip Flat Lash Extensions

Flat Lashes – Split Tip Flat Lash Extensions

At Nouveau Lashes, we are dedicated to constantly improving our products and treatments for our lash lovers. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our brand-new clever Flat Lashes with split tip. One lash with dual benefits. Here’s the lowdown:

What makes the lashes ‘Flat’?

Our flat lashes are specifically designed to have an ellipse base, which provides a more secure bond with the natural lash, and a split tip, to create the illusion of thicker, softer and fluffier lashes.

flat lashes

They are lighter than classic lashes, which is not only kinder to natural lash health, but they also create a fuller look with less weight.

Which style of lash application can be used by Flat Lashes?

Our Flat Lashes are suitable for use with classic one-on-one lash application techniques, otherwise known as our Extend treatment. Your lash technician will use the exact same technique to apply flat lashes like Extend individual lashes.

How to care for Flat Lashes?

To care for flat lashes with the same aftercare rules as classic Extend lashes. We recommend using the Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser Set twice a week to keep your lashes fresh, clean and impurity free. Carefully pat dry with a fresh towel and comb your lashes through with one of our Mascara Wands.

We are loving how the Flat Lashes look. Take a look below at our before and after images:

If you’re searching for the perfect individual lash extensions with a fluttery finish, then hooray – our Flat Lashes are for you!

Enquire about our very clever Flat Lashes with your Nouveau Lashes technician and make your appointment to try Flat Lashes for yourself.

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