How beautiful bonds begin

How beautiful bonds begin

Beautiful bonds begin when you discover your Nouveau Lashes artist and go for your first lash consultation. Your lash artist will get to know you and your eyes, to personalise your treatment, depending on your eye colour and shape, for beautifully flattering, natural results.

Ahead of your first lash treatment you may feel slightly apprehensive, like Dani did:

Having someone working on your eye area is a bit scary at first as you can’t see what they’re doing, it’s a very delicate area which you don’t want to be messed around with. I needed someone who I knew was professionally trained, insured and a perfectionist. Sara is all these things. I’ve gained my trust with Sara and there won’t be any turning back!”  – Dani

As Dani said, once you meet your Nouveau Lashes artist any worries drift away as you trust them to perform a safe and professional treatment, giving you beautiful results.

Leila feels the same, “From my very first treatment, Lynn made me feel so comfortable, understood what I wanted and now we’ve become great friends. Since then she’s my go-to therapist for any beauty treatments. I value her expertise and wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Leila

Wondering how to start your beautiful bond?

If you’re looking for a lash artist you can trust, head to our Salon Finder. You can search your local area and discover super talented Nouveau Lashes artists on your doorstep!

Sometimes you can find the perfect lash artist on social media like Leila did:

“I came across Lynn’s Instagram page and her before/after client photos looked amazing. Her page looked professional and friendly, so I knew I wanted to go to Lynn for my first LVL.” – Leila

Top tip: If you happen to come across a lash artist on social, be sure to ask who they are trained with or to see their certificate. Reputable lash artists are proud to show off their lash qualifications!

Danielle was blown-away by the lash results on Amanda’s Instagram, she says:

I was prompted to get my first lash treatment after I saw photographs of someone’s LVL before and after pictures online. I was so shocked to realise that these were someone’s own natural lashes” – Danielle

You and your eyes are always in safe hands with Nouveau Lashes artists.  Leila decided to choose a Nouveau Lashes treatment because of; “the brand name being so reputable”.

Dreaming of becoming a Nouveau Lashes artist? 

That was Lynn when she was looking for a lash treatment to train in;

I first saw the results of an LVL lash lift treatment online. I’d yet to come across a treatment which enhanced your own natural lashes with such instant & incredible results! The fact LVL causes no damage and is zero maintenance was a winner for me! LVL was a treatment I knew my clients would love as much as me and I wanted to introduce this right away. It has been one of my no1 treatments since and always will be.”

Lynn has never looked back since and neither will you. If you’re ready to create beautiful bonds yourself, take a look at our Treatments and Training pages.