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The Guild Awards of Excellence 2020: Triple Lash Success

The Guild Awards of Excellence 2020: Triple Lash Success

Hold on to your lashes, we have some exciting news…

This year at the Guild Awards of Excellence, Nouveau Lashes achieved triple lash success! If you’ve never heard of the Guild Awards of Excellence, they have been designed to reward the suppliers and training schools that you (as beauty professionals) think are worthy of recognition. They celebrate those who have gone the extra mile! To bring you up to speed with our incredible news, we won:

  • Best Customer Services
  • Best Supplier of Specific Training
  • Best Use of Social Media

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us. We can’t thank you enough for your support. Our award wins are both ours and yours to be proud of. It’s the milestones that we achieve together that make everything worthwhile.


After such a tough year for the beauty industry, winning three awards this year has been truly incredible, and it’s something we are extremely proud of. We mentioned in our ‘safe, stronger, supported’ campaign that we are blown away by the way our industry has shown resilience and powered through. We can all agree that 2020 has thrown unexpected hurdles and challenges at everyone. It’s been a strange, tough year. Your continued support (to us and each other) while remaining positive throughout difficult times was incredible to see.

For us as a brand, it’s important to highlight how much we appreciate the support and love you show us not just this year, but continually. In return, one of our priorities this year was to ensure that you felt confident and prepared to get back to lashing. After asking on an Instagram poll, we discovered that 82% of you felt confident and raring to get back to work. What an amazing feeling knowing that we helped so many of you. We can honestly say that was a highlight for us this year… as well as our award wins!


In fact, we believe our triumph has a lot to do with how you’ve bounced back to lashes with confidence. For example, we think our customer service reached new heights this year… we launched our Back To Beauty COVID-19: Hygiene & Safety Course which was completely free to all beauty professionals. Let’s not forget our online hosted webinar training! We believe our online training has a huge part to play in winning Best Supplier of Specific Training – beauty professionals could still kickstart their career (or progress) from the comfort of their own home, despite training academies having to close.

As for winning Best Use of Social Media, we use our platforms to educate, inspire and connect with every single one of our lash artists… this year has been no different, however we believe spurring each other on through a difficult period was particularly helpful and inspiring.

We set our sights on success… we always tell you to do the same! This year has been monumental for us, so we just want to say again how much we appreciate the support and love you give us.

We couldn’t be the #1 lash brand without our incredible lash artist community.

Love, Nouveau Lashes x



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