What To Expect From Future Lash Treatments

What To Expect From Future Lash Treatments

We can’t wait to get our lashes done… it’s been a while!

Amongst the excitement, have you stopped to think about what the new ‘norm’ will look like for lash appointments? What will change in your local salon? Well, a lot. Things will be different to the last time you visited. Here’s what you can expect from your future lash treatments.

No walk-ins

Most of us do tend to book our lash appointments in advance, but sometimes we turn up on a whim hoping our salon can squeeze us in. Long gone are those days. Many salons will have waiting lists in place, so try to stick to your appointment time (you may be able to rearrange if you really can’t make it). If salons are taking bookings, you’ll need to call at least a few days ahead, but try and give as much notice as possible.

Go solo

Salons will ask you to attend your lash treatment alone (to minimise the number of people inside the salon at any one time as much as possible) and you might have to wait in your car, or outside the salon, before your appointment. This allows time for your lash artist to thoroughly sanitise their workstation between you and their previous customer. Don’t forget, arriving on time for your appointment is more important than ever to avoid disrupting your lash artist’s schedule.

New rules

There will be several new rules to follow, which is one way of supporting your lash artist. In order to minimise the number of people sitting together in close proximity, waiting areas will be a thing of the past for the time being (meaning shared items such as magazines won’t be available, to avoid-cross contamination). Look out for any signs indicating a one-way system once you enter your salon, for your own safety. Some salons will no longer offer beverages, but you can probably bring your own drink… just make sure it’s bottled!


Enhanced hygiene measures

Salons have always had high hygiene measures, but now these will be enhanced further. Your temperature will probably be checked using a contactless thermometer before entering the salon and you will be asked to wash and sanitise your hands as soon as you arrive. There will also be stations where you can sanitise your hands frequently if you wish.


There are different types of PPE you might be aware of, such as nitrile gloves, visors and face masks. You don’t need to become an expert… but you may be asked to wear PPE inside the salon and during your treatment. PPE may be provided by your salon, or you may be expected to wear your own (either way, your lash artist will let you know). Your lash artist will also be wearing PPE which might seem a little odd! If you have any questions, speak to your lash artist. PPE isn’t the most exciting subject, but it will keep you and those around you safe.

Contactless payments preferred

Contactless payments will be encouraged for hygiene reasons, which will help prevent the possible spread of the virus through exchanging cash. Some salons, especially if they are smaller, may not have card machines, so ask if they take PayPal payments. Double check your salon’s preferred payment method before you arrive to avoid hold-ups.

Cancel if you’re feeling unwell

This goes without saying, but in light of the current situation it’s more important than ever. If you feel under the weather in the run up to your appointment, get in touch with your lash artist to cancel and rearrange. Your lash artist will be there waiting when you feel better! This is particularly important if you’re displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

It’s good to have our beauty salons back!

Get in touch with your local salon if you’re unsure on anything; they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have. The ‘new normal’ is looking different, but let’s support the beauty industry together.