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How to prevent burnout during busy summer months

How to prevent burnout during busy summer months

When your appointment book is full, don’t neglect your self-care

Lash treatments are in big demand in summertime. It’s a golden opportunity to make hay while the sun shines. Just be careful you don’t wear yourself out with back-to-back bookings.  Take a look at our summer checklist to make sure you’re looking after yourself.

Follow our advice for your own wellbeing

If you’re really feeling the heat, take a look at your workflow. Maybe you can speed up your treatment times without breaking a sweat.

One of the best ways to do that is with an LVL Headband Collection or a Lash Extension Headband Collection, depending upon what treatment you’re doing. With your client’s head as your workstation, you can cut down on constant to-ing and fro-ing, shaving minutes off every treatment.

Use those saved minutes to take mini breaks. Move away from your workstation. Stretch. Close your eyes for a few seconds. It all helps.

Think about yourself, not just your client 

Follow the nutrition wisdom: Drink plenty of water and don’t skip lunch. Dehydration and hunger will affect your concentration levels, never more so than on a really hot day.

You need to stay focused to create the quality lash art you’re known for.  Maybe go easy on ‘beige carbs’ at lunch as they can make a lot of people feel groggy mid-afternoon. Groggy isn’t good for doing precision eye work.

Lash extensions are getting finer, which means they’re getting trickier to see. Even when your treatment room is lit by bright summer sunshine, your eyes will still get tired focusing for long periods on such delicate work.

Always wear magnifying glasses to prevent eyestrain.  Whether you prefer extendable glasses or those with an LED light , there will be one to suit you.

Your comfort is important

While it’s great to have lots of natural sunshine, too much at the height of summer isn’t helpful. Close a blind, if you can, to block glare and help bring down the temperature in your treatment room.

And wheel your Glamcor Lamp in to replace the natural light. You might also need to move to a cooler room, so it’s crucial you’re able to take your lighting with you.

Don’t feel obliged to chat through every treatment. After you’ve settled your client on the couch, they may be grateful for the chance to just chill out on a sweltering hot day. And you can save your voice and enjoy a little restful silence.