Don’t commit 6 common lash mistakes

Don’t commit 6 common lash mistakes

Don’t let any of these common lash mistakes get in your way of long, luscious lashes. Whether you are culprit of rubbing your eyes while removing your eye make-up, sleeping in your mascara or using an eyelash curler daily, you could be causing trauma and aggravation to your eyelashes, which will hinder your chances of achieving the perfect lashes you long for. Check you’re not committing any of these lash sins…

Rubbing your eyes

To many, an eye rub is so satisfying, but is it really worth the damage? Rubbing your eyes too vigorously can damage your entire eye, eyelashes included. Due to the ‘gentle’ characteristic to our Gentle Eye Make-up remover, you can wave goodbye to over rubbing your delicate, thin eye skin forever. Trust us, your eyelashes will thank you, not to mention your future wrinkle-free self.

Sleeping in your mascara

Sleeping in makeup is not only bad for your skin, it is bad for your eyelashes too. Just like your skin, your eyelashes repair during your sleep. If your eyelashes are coated in mascara, they are unable to breathe and rejuvenate during the night. Lash breakage can occur as the product hardens the lashes, and the friction against your pillow. Believe us when we say, removing your mascara before bed will become second nature, just like brushing your teeth before bed!

Not conditioning your lashes

Everyone knows how important it is to moisturise and condition their hair, skin and nails but often eyelashes can be overlooked. Individuals forget the importance of conditioning their lashes daily. Top tip: place your Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum in your tooth brush holder, as that will ensure you remember to condition at least twice a day.

Using an eyelash curler

If you’re a devout eyelash curler user, you could be damaging your eyelashes as they put traction on the hairs which can result in lash loss. Instead of using a curling contraption, we suggest booking an LVL treatment, which lifts your natural lashes at their root creating a lengthened, curled look. You can relax for the speedy 45 minutes until your lashes are perfectly enhanced, the amazing results last for 6-8 weeks. Say hello to easier mornings. We know this will improve your lash curling game forever.

Removing lash extensions incorrectly

So, you’re overdue a lash extension infill by a few weeks, and your lash technician is fully booked for the next two weeks… what do you do now? To our horror, some would decide to pull/pick/twist their lash extensions out. If you have ever committed this sin, you will know you will have also pulled out most of your natural lashes too. If you follow our removal advice, this will never have to happen again. Hallelujah! We recommend booking a professional removal with your lash technician or using our Lash Extension Remover at home. This handy little weapon will be your saviour, with its multi-use, damage free & fast action formula.

Avoid the old tale that oil removes lash extensions, they break down the adhesive bonds but much slower and using them to remove lash extensions will result in damage.

Applying mascara over volume lash extensions

Choosing volume style lash extensions should give you a full, volumised and luscious lash look, without the need of adding any mascara. They are perfect to achieve an energised glamorous look all day long from the moment you wake up. If you are tempted to add a little lick of mascara, we suggest asking your lash technician for a fuller, thicker lash look to result in a darker lash line, as adding mascara to volume fans is a big no no. Why? The mascara will close the handcrafted multi lash fans. Instead, use our Mascara Wands daily to comb through your lashes.

Don’t be a lash sinner, now you have all the hints and tips to care for your eyelashes daily. If you’re unsure about the aftercare rules of your Nouveau Lashes, learn how to care for them now.