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Need Speedy But Bold Express Eyelash Extensions?

Need Speedy But Bold Express Eyelash Extensions?

Hear, hear sisters! We understand exactly how it feels to be on a very tight schedule. Sometimes it’s a struggle to fit the 45-minute gym class, overdue car service and prepping your lunch box for work to your daily to-do list, never mind a much-desired lash treatment. Yes, one of the consequences of being a multi-tasking, independent, goal diggin’ woman, means sometimes you just can’t fit lash-time into your calendar. Enter Nouveau Lashes and the perfect solution to this dilemma! If you don’t have the time to lay on a treatment bed for hours to have an eyelash extension treatment but your heart still longs for fabulous lashes… Allow us to introduce, Express lashes.

For an instant hit of bold and beautiful eyes, Express brings you three fast-turnaround lash transformations that can last from one day to two weeks. Even the busiest of women deserve to feel the high of turning heads and make a big impact on special occasions.

Strip Lashes

Perfect if you need superb results in as little as 5 minutes. Strips are generally worn during the daytime and removed at night. Whether you prefer Natural, Glamour or Volume lashes, NL have a style for everyone. They can be re-worn until they need to be replaced.

AWARD WINNING: Our gorgeous Natural Style 2 strips WON Best Strip Lashes at ‘The Beauty Shortlist 2018 Awards’. If you don’t fancy nipping into a salon, you can go to our Shop now and purchase the strip lashes. Then follow our step by step helpful video to apply them at home yourself!

Lash Fillers

Fillers (party or weekend lashes) are created by several lash extensions joined together in a cluster at the base. When professionally applied they achieve a beautiful, fuller lash look in just 10 minutes and can last one week.

Individual Lash Extensions (Express Style)

Luscious lash extensions are applied to non-isolated natural eyelashes, to transform eyes in around 20 minutes and can last up to two weeks.

Why choose Nouveau Lashes Express treatments?

Each treatment is customised for all eye shapes and suitable for all healthy natural lashes. Not to mention, Nouveau Lashes has just WON Best Lash Supplier at The Guild Awards of Excellence 2018 for the fifth year in a row. NL continue to develop innovative, high-quality professional products and training.

Important Top-Tips

  • Follow our aftercare advice to ensure the Express lashes are kept in prime condition.
  • Ensure the length of wear recommendation is not exceeded, as this could result in damage to your natural lashes.
  • Removal is required after a week for filler lashes and two weeks for individual lashes if one of our Ultrabond adhesives has been used. The lashes can be removed either professionally in-salon, or at home by  Lash Extension Remover.  We recommend using Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser after removal as part of your lash care.

Interested in Express?

We have you hooked, I hear you roar? Visit our Salon Finder now to locate your nearest Express lash technician to book your appointment.

Looking for lashes to last longer?

Take a look at our Extend & SVS treatments.  They add an eyelash extension to one isolated natural lash. This allows the lash extensions to be left on the natural lash for longer around 6-8 weeks, as they will not compromise lash health. Although, they require infills every 2-3 weeks.


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