A Day in the Life of: Jessica Hayes

A Day in the Life of: Jessica Hayes

Since she appeared on (and WON) ITV2’s Love Island in 2015, Jessica Hayes has enjoyed being thrust into the spotlight, and due to her modelling career, is a complete natural in front of the camera. It’s a good job really, as she has built up a social following of a massive 400k (and counting!)

With such a huge fan base, it’s understandable to feel a slight pressure to look your best all the time. Lucky for Jessica Hayes, she is naturally gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to accentuate her ‘best side’ with a beauty treatment or two. Whether she’s jet setting across the globe on luxury breaks, working out, in the studio on a photoshoot or a night out with the girls, SVS lashes are her Holy Grail to keep her looking glam from the minute she wakes up. Below she shares how they are the perfect lash treatment for a sassy socialite like herself.

Describe a typical day in your life?

I’m on the road a lot, but usually I get up and go to the gym, come home and make something healthy then get ready for a day of taking pictures for social media. But every day is so different!

Extra 20 minutes in bed or more time to get ready?

Definitely longer in bed!

Best tip on taking the perfect selfie?

my make-up, hair and the lighting have to be on point! And know your good angles!

Which beauty products do you use without fail every day?

I love a face mask- especially after the gym! I’ve been using an amazing face cream by Venom skincare, and my make-up? Oh, I couldn’t choose- I’m obsessed with it all!

Do you feel pressure to look good because you have such a big following?

There is a lot of pressure, but it’s all about being the best version of you and being confident with yourself. I think we need to embrace who we are but yes it can be hard work!

Can you describe your daytime make-up routine?

I love having a full face of make-up, but if I’m not working I keep it natural with bb cream, bronzer and lip gloss. Recently these SVS lashes have been saving my life

Can you describe your evening make-up routine?

Full face: contour, loads of highlighter, everything! I love the full glam look.

Would you describe yourself as high maintenance or low maintenance?

Can I say in between?!

Why did you choose SVS?

I wanted to save time getting ready and I love how glamorous they make me look.

What is your favourite thing about the treatment?

I can wake up in the morning and actually look ok! Also, I’m so used to putting on strip lashes so it saves me so much time, I’m obsessed with them!

What did you do before Love Island?

I worked in a bank and did bits of modelling.

Highlight of your career so far?

There’s too many to choose from! It’s all been great- working with amazing brands, doing some fun shoots, going to big red-carpet events… It’s all amazing and I’m so grateful.

Three items you would take to a desert island?

Lip liner, phone and wine. I wouldn’t survive long!

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