Ashleigh Defty: A Day In The Life

Ashleigh Defty: A Day In The Life

Since she appeared on MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ last year, Ashleigh Defty has been thoroughly enjoying her time in the public eye. She describes her time after the show as ‘mental’, being offered numerous TV appearances and other exciting opportunities (which are yet to be revealed!)

As well as being a fully qualified personal trainer, Ashleigh Defty spends her time collaborating with beauty and fashion brands on Instagram, beauty blogging, and jetting off across the globe. With a social media following of 300k (and still growing!), she likes to stay looking and feeling her best with a little help from our most popular treatment- LVL.

Below she shares how they are the perfect lash treatment for beauty influencers like herself.

What happens in a typical day in your life?

I get up about 8am go to the gym on a morning, then when I’m home I reply to all my emails and Instagram messages (I receive a lot being an influencer.) Then I post my images for Instagram (which takes a lot of time- it isn’t as easy as it seems!) It sounds like I have an easy life but it’s honestly so hectic, I travel a lot so packing and planning is more or less every day. I can’t even do my personal training at the moment because I am never in the one place!

Extra 20 minutes in bed or more time to get ready?

Extra 20 mins in bed, easy!

Best tip on how to take the perfect selfie?

Lighting and confidence is KEY! Don’t be afraid to release your inner sass girls!

Which beauty products do you use without fail on a daily basis?

Astral Body moisturiser, Nouveau Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum, Rimmel lip liner, Victoria’s Secret Gloss & Olay Face Moisturiser. And last but not least LVL! Otherwise my lashes would be dead.

Do you feel pressure to look good because you have such a big following?

Not at all!

Can you describe your daytime make-up routine?

Lip liner, lip gloss, moisturiser, MAC bronzer to contour, NARS concealer for any spots/blemishes and that’s it.

Can you describe your evening make-up routine?

If I’m having a big night out I will go all out: a nice smoky eye, lots of contour, lip liner and loads and loads of gloss.

Would you describe yourself as high maintenance or low maintenance?

The lowest of the low maintenance.

Why did you choose LVL?

I’ve previously had SVS and I absolutely loved it but I was brunette at the time. Now that I’m blonde, I like looking as natural as possible which is why I am loving LVL because it is stunning on your natural lashes. I can’t fault it, it’s just amazing!

What is your favourite thing about the treatment?

How natural and pretty it looks, and the fact I legit never have to do anything to my lashes now.

Who else would you recommend LVL to?


Best opportunity/experience since Ex On the Beach?

Oh my God I’ve had so many! I’m so grateful and lucky for every opportunity I’ve been given, even those I’ve had to turn down. I was offered to go on This Morning but I had to turn it down- that was devastating! I got to go the NTA’s. I’ve walked a red carpet, that’s insane! The number of followers I have across social media as well- thank you so much!

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