Career Profile: Shareen Nesbeth, Lash Expert

Career Profile: Shareen Nesbeth, Lash Expert

Introducing Shareen Nesbeth. She’s a mother, lash expert, Nouveau Lashes trainer, mentor and 2017’s Lash Games ‘Expert Category’ runner-up.

Here’s a look at Shareen’s journey from lash novice to a lash expert in her field, working on the likes of Kate Snooks, the girls from Twice The Health and journalists from OK! Online, Now magazine and Marie Claire. We catch up with Shareen before her trip to Bologna, Italy, competing in her next lash competition, the International Lash Cup Italy on Saturday 2nd December 2017.

How long have you been in the lash industry?

I started my journey as a Lash Technician in 2011 and then I did a lash extension conversion course with Nouveau Lashes in 2014, and I was really happy with what I’ve learnt from the course and with the support I got. After the conversion course, I started to feel more confident in my skills, and I felt ready for the next step, so I decided to do my first volume course in 2015 and things progressed from there. One step closer to lash expert status!

You’ve mentioned your journey as a Lash Technician, what’s it been like so far?

It wasn’t easy at first, but nothing is easy first-time around. However, I found that practise makes perfect. I dedicated a lot of time and money into training, and I have seen improvements in my work, with each training course I’ve attended. I’ve always been motivated as a lash technician, especially because the outcome of the training has been so amazing!

How does your job fit into your everyday life?

I’m not going to lie, it can feel like you’re juggling your tasks sometimes, especially when I started to work from home doing lash treatments, because I also had my little one around me a lot.  It was only when I looked at how I was managing my time, that I started to feel more in control, then everything started fall into place and it became a little easier to manage everything.

How have you progressed in your career?

With every passing year I feel like I’ve progressed, whether if it’s my skills that’s improved or if it’s my number of clients that has grown as a result of my work. My knowledge and understanding has broadened, allowing me to not only become a better lash artist, but a better lash trainer too.

Due to my hard work, I’ve been able to able to take different routes and steps in my career. For example, I’m now a trainer at Nouveau Lashes and I’ve had the opportunity to do lash treatments on high level influencers and Journalists from big magazine titles.

Looking at how I’ve progressed, I feel a great sense of achievement, especially when I think about the trophies I’ve won at lash competitions.

You came 2nd place in the Expert 2D – 6D Mixed Volume category in the Lash Games 2017, could you tell us more about it?

This was my fifth lash competition and like all competitions I completely enjoyed the overall experience. My first experience of entering lash competitions on the other hand was nerve-racking, but once you’ve done one, it doesn’t really faze you after that.

Take now for example, I’m more driven than anything else to win first place at the International Lash Cup Italy this weekend, but I think that’s the perfectionist in me speaking.

Has anything changed after competing in lash competitions? Also, would you recommend it to others?

Of course! Winning trophies at lash competitions has given me the confidence to increase my lash service prices, as I know it’ll give confidence to prospective clients about the quality of my work. I would recommend entering a lash competition to everyone, because there’s always areas for improvement and with your score sheet, you can see which areas you excel in and which areas you need to make improvements.

**UPDATE: Shareen returned from the International Lash Cup in Bologna, Italy, with an impressive 3rd place in the 2D/4D category. We asked her about her experience after the event**

Everyone at Nouveau Lashes are so proud of Shareen, she is an inspiration, balancing being a busy mother and honing her lash skills to be one of the best in her field with no signs of slowing down – aspiring technicians, take note.

Why did you enter this competition in Italy?

I saw the opportunity and the competition looked like a great challenge, especially with it being abroad which really puts me out my comfort zone, but I was determined to push myself to see what I could achieve.

How did you feel during the competition?

Competing amongst 10 other experts in my category, it was overwhelming and nerve racking in the beginning, but I felt positive as I had my close friend as a model and travelled with a fellow lash artist.

What did you have to do in your chosen category?

The category was for Expert level technicians with 18 months to three and half years’ experience.  I had to create volume 2D to 4D fans of 2, 3 and 4 extensions for each natural lash in the allocated time, which was three hours.  The criteria set was that it needed to be a natural but fluffy effect and fans had to be created from individual fans (no ready-made one permitted).  Here is where I really came into my element, mixing different volumes and thickness for my winning look.

Any advice for aspiring technicians looking to follow in your footsteps?

I like the motto “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” In the end hard work does pay off, and you will slowly see this happen if you put 100% in.

Keep following Shareen’s journey over on her Instagram / For more information on training with Nouveau Lashes and becoming a lash expert yourself, take a look at our Training Packages

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