Career Profile: Katie Williams, Master Lash Artist

Career Profile: Katie Williams, Master Lash Artist

At Nouveau Lashes, we are proud to provide excellent lash training by inspirational lash technicians. Find out more about the lash journey of… Katie William’s, one of our talented trainers, who’s career highlights include lashing behind the scenes at the MTV music awards, Dancing on Ice and providing beautiful lash looks for many high-profile clients. Katie also recently won a blog competition for her lash knowledge and advice. Read more to find out about Katie’s love for lashes:

When did your lash career first begin?

I first started doing lashes about 9 years ago and I haven’t looked back since! Best decision I ever made.

When did you first decide to convert to Nouveau Lashes?

Before I converted to Nouveau Lashes, I kept hearing a lot about the brand and the fantastic reputation they had. I decided to start off by training in LVL (about 8 years ago) which just went crazy! Slowly but surely, I started to fully convert over to Nouveau Lashes and train in all lash treatments that were on offer. Being able to call myself a master lash technician/artist is something I am extremely proud of.

When did you first want to be a lash trainer?

From day one training with Nouveau Lashes and using their products, I just knew that I HAD to be part of their team. I previously came from a teaching background as a college lecturer, but I wanted to specialise in lashes which was my passion. So, having pestered Nouveau Lashes HR team for a while, they finally gave me the opportunity to be one of their lash trainers.

What’s the best thing you have learnt with Nouveau Lashes?

I think it’s great that each individual trainer at Nouveau Lashes has their own area of specialty and skill and we are all able to learn from one other. We are all lash mad and a little lash obsessed which makes for a great team with a wealth of lash knowledge to pass onto our students.

What do you love about lash training?

I really enjoy passing on my knowledge and inspiring others. I adore all of my students and love to see them progress in their work and how far they have come since their initial training. Some have gone on to own their own businesses, work with celebrities or just be able to earn a good income by fitting in their work around their families. I am so proud of all of my students that I have had the pleasure of teaching.

What are your future career plans?

To always push myself to be the best lash artist I can be by always continuing with my personal training. I would like to maybe enter a lash competition or two so watch this space!

How does your job fit into your everyday life?

To be honest, what with training and owning Sugar, I don’t really have much time for anything else as I literally lash 12hrs a day! Lashes are my hobby as well as my career and I am very lucky to be doing a job which I just absolutely love!

What is the greatest achievement of your career?

I have had some amazing opportunities and experiences in my lash career so far, including lashing at the MTV music awards, working on the cast of Dancing on Ice and lashing high profile clients.  I was voted by Nouveau Lashes as one of their top 10 LVL technicians a couple of years ago and just recently I won a competition to have one of my blog articles published.

I have to say though, having my clients return year after year and having a fully booked column in my diary has to be one of my biggest achievements as any returning customer is a huge compliment to me.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring lash technicians, what would it be?

I say this to all of my students and I really do strongly believe this. Work hard, chase your dreams and don’t ever let anybody tell you can’t do something! Nothing is out of anybody’s reach if you focus and work hard to achieve it. I hear a lot of students say, ‘I can’t fan properly’ or ‘my lash work will never look like hers’ and I always reply by saying ‘there is no such thing as can’t. If you sit and practice every day, then results are sure to come’.

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