Why become a lash artist?

Why become a lash artist?

If you’ve ever considered becoming a lash artist or want a career change, read our artists’ stories below to see how they began their lash artist career and why they would recommend it.  You can train to become a lash artist and start your own career, no matter what industry background you’re from or your current situation.


Charlotte Walker: 

“Training to be a lash artist was the best thing I ever did! I used to work in event management. Which resulted in working every weekend and away from home. Becoming a lash artist gave me the luxury of working from home, managing my own hours and meeting amazing people every day. I have the loveliest clients and most of them have become friends.

My career change really has changed my life! I now earn twice as much with the same hours. And a big bonus for me is being able to have weekends off with my family.

I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t trained with Nouveau Lashes.  Other artists around the country ask about my work, some of them have been disappointed with their lash training, especially when I tell them how much knowledge and support I’ve received from Nouveau Lashes.  I always recommend Nouveau Lashes! Best in the business for a reason.” – @loughboroughlashes

Michelle Collins:

“My whole career has revolved around Emergency services. I was on front line ambulance service for 15 years.

After having my daughter and going part time, I decided I needed a new interest around new people. I turned to LVL lashes. I’m enjoying the new chapter and challenges.

I’m currently doing both jobs, which can be a struggle, as I’m still serving on the front line but I’m hoping it’ll grow in time to be more beauty treatments than 999!”@blossom.glow85


Baljit Chodda:

“Lashes literally change lives!

Before discovering my passion for lashes and how such a small thing can lead to such great things, my career in beauty often felt incomplete. I wish I discovered lashes sooner!

Since becoming a Nouveau Lashes artist I’ve seen and heard nothing but positive comments and smiles from my clients’. Before I knew it, my business was growing from word of mouth.

I strongly believe women should stand up and follow their dreams in a culture that sometimes can suppress us, if you have a passion for something and believe in it – it’ll definitely work! –  @bal_chodda_pmu

Sharon Scanlan:

“After 17 years working in banking, I was made redundant during my maternity leave with my second daughter. My last role was in Commercial Loans, so far away from lashes! I wanted the challenge of something completely new and have always loved the LVL process, so chose this.

I’ve always wanted to work hours around my children’s lives, which being a lash artist has given me. I work from my outhouse. My clients’ just LOVE the results of LVL.”@naturalashlvl


Kerri Henwood:

“I worked in an office 9-5 job before I left to have a baby. Whilst on maternity leave, I trained in LVL and decided not to go back.

Doing this has enabled me to be my own boss, do something I love and I’m still able to have essential quality time with my little boy.”@luxelvl_lashes_by_kerri

So, if you’re looking for a career where you can master a beautiful skill, be your own boss and enjoy flexible working hours, this is it. Find out more.