A Beautiful Bond: Why choose Nouveau Lashes?

A Beautiful Bond: Why choose Nouveau Lashes?

If you’re considering a lash treatment for the first time, looking to try a new treatment or find a new lash artist, you might be wondering why you should choose a Nouveau Lashes artist?  Allow our six amazing beautiful bond individuals to explain why…

Whether you know it yet or not, your eyelashes can transform the way you feel and look. Your eyes are the first thing someone notices and looks at whilst in conversation. Lash treatments are literally eye opening. Dani, Sara’s client agrees:

Lash extensions give me the outcome I desire, it’s that extra bit off drama and fullness to my lashes and it make my eyes POP.” – Dani

Leila was going on holiday and wanted her natural lashes to be more defined when she found her Nouveau Lashes artist Lynn, and she’s been hooked ever since:

I knew LVL was the right treatment for me. I would 100% recommend Nouveau Lashes to my friends, I’ve had amazing lash results every time from Lynn.” – Leila

Beautiful lashes make you feel more confident 24 hours a day. No matter who you are or what look you desire, a Nouveau Lashes artist will personalise the treatment to you, ensuring you feel fantastic and love your results!

Amanda’s client Danielle works in a hospital and is a busy mum to two small children. Her LVL lashes make her feel “full of confidence without make-up on” and “getting out the house in the morning can be rushed for us but I still get to feel wonderful. I love that they are natural but it’s amazing how much they enhance your eyes.”

Having a lash treatment with products and techniques by a brand you know you can trust is the key to ultimate results. Amanda’s client Danielle says:

I chose Nouveau lashes as they are a quality brand and I trusted in the product from the results I could see and the quality they gave.

Sara’s client Dani also agrees:

I would 100% recommend Nouveau Lashes to my friends and I know myself from getting my lashes done so often their products are high quality and they care about the health of your natural lashes. You also know the lash artists are trained to the highest standards!

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