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Debunked: 6 Lash Extension Myths

Debunked: 6 Lash Extension Myths

For all our fellow lash lovers who ever feel unsure of what to believe when it comes to lash treatments, we have decided to face common lash extension myths head on so you can book your next lash treatment and love your lashes with confidence, avoiding those misleading pitfalls.

You need to blow dry your lash extensions to keep their curl

No need to blow dry our lashes. Our lash extensions keep their curl after getting wet, meaning that our lash extensions require less maintenance, while still looking fluttery and full. Here at Nouveau Lashes we are all about lash health, using a hair dryer near to the eye could cause all kinds of problems, which could include warping lash extensions to lose their shape, or the air could weaken the adhesive bonds to require more infills. When you have one of our lash extension treatments, you don’t need to worry about any of these concerns. Historically, if real mink hair was used for lash extensions, they would lose their curl, so drying them into shape was done by some mink lash-lovers but we only supply Vegan friendly high quality synthetic lash extensions.

Wearing lash extensions will cause my natural lashes to fall out

When lash extensions are professional applied by a Nouveau Lashes technician, no damage will occur to your natural lashes. As simple as that. On average, you lose around five eyelashes a day so when your eyelashes are extended this can often seem more dramatic. If you follow our aftercare advice, you will maintain your great natural lash health.

Lash extensions always look fake

Your lashes are as unique as you. Nouveau Lashes technicians create bespoke lash extensions, depending on your desired lash look. Fancy thick and full lashes? SVS or Volume lashes for you. Don’t want anyone to know you’re wearing lash extensions, but want longer looking lashes? Extend lashes will be your go-to from now on. Our products are high quality, leaving an excellent finish.

All lash technicians are the same

We advise individuals to consider asking their lash technician if they are qualified and certified. At Nouveau Lashes, we teach our lash technicians  to an exceptionally high standard, including lash health, care and safety. Once our technicians have completed and passed their training, they are certified. Only lash technicians who pass our extensive training can offer Nouveau Lashes treatments.

Lash extensions are just for ‘young’ people

Lash extensions can be for anyone. Although, many people presume it is a younger trend, this is simply not the case. The beauty of Nouveau Lashes technicians is that they are trained to create bespoke lashes, to ensure they can suit any eye shape or desired look. We only recommend lash extensions if you have healthy natural eyelashes, so if that’s you – you’re good to go.

You don’t have to do anything to them

Lash extensions make your morning much faster, as you wake up feeling more glamorous with luscious lashes. Although, they do require some TLC at home to keep them looking and feeling as fresh and fabulous as the moment they were applied. We advise washing your eyelashes everyday with our oil-free Gentle Eye Make-up Remover to remove a build-up of dead skin and makeup that collects. To remove bacteria and impurities, we recommend using our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser Set twice a week, carefully dabbing  a towel around the eye area to dry then finally combing through with a Disposable Mascara Wand.


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