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5 Top Tips To Improve Your Business’s Social Media

5 Top Tips To Improve Your Business’s Social Media

You are a pro at being a lash technician, but you want to grow your business by mastering social media? Wait right there, we can help! As we have compiled five key factors to ensure your business is a success on social. Not only do you receive great lash training, qualifications in amazing treatments, revolutionary products and lifetime support when you choose Nouveau Lashes as your provider, but we also help with weekly hints & tips to blossom your NL lash career further.  At Nouveau Lashes, we believe social media can really develop small lash businesses into lash empires! Discover the simple improvements you could make to your social presence now:


Always consider the quality of your content before you upload to your social platforms, by choosing quality over quantity. Although, it is important to post daily on your social platforms to engage with followers, if you aren’t uploading great posts each time this could prove to be a negative. We suggest planning business goals to achieve on social. For example, if you want to make LVL more popular, create a strategy of how you will achieve this on social. It is important to know your business and its goals, so you can make a strategy for your social pages. It proves very effective to be consistent in flow and layout of your business feeds. Use social media to promote and sell your treatments and products, then throw in a few other relate-able memes and content that’s trending… Ta da! You’re on it!

Quality images

Uploading high quality, crisp images is key to getting your work out there. Ensure the quality of your lash photos are consistent. Sharing before and after lash results works successfully in getting your lash work noticed.  Incorporate professional relate-able videos and graphics too.

Wondering how to capture the perfect photos? You’ve worked for hours on the best set of lashes you’ve done to date, but your photos aren’t up to standard. Take a look at our ‘Photography Hacks for Eyelash Technicians‘ blog now to brush up on your skills.

Know your audience

Knowing your target audience can help develop a niche voice on social. If you can distinguish the age, gender, interests and cultures of your customer/follower base, you can then tailor your posts/content to your target audience. This could improve the engagement on posts and reach. Also consider the best times to post depending on your follower base. For example, if your clients work full time, perhaps post early morning (7.30am) or in the evening (6pm-8pm) to hit the highest engagement.

Look at inspo

One of the simplest ways to understand how to put these helpful tips to use is by discovering other successful lash technicians on social. Look at how they have grown their social platforms, how they have created a layout and what type of things they are discussing – whilst you’re there, show some love! Support other Nouveau Lashes technicians, if you see work which inspires you, let them know. We aren’t suggesting that you copy other company’s social feeds, but it is a perfect way to gain inspiration and ideas how you could use social media better in your business. Explore our Instagram @NouveauLashesUK and Facebook @NouveauLashesUK as a starting point.

Monitor your business growth

Another important step in knowing your business and its social media platforms is to monitor the engagement on your accounts. Look at how many likes and comments you receive and notice which type of post it is. Also, monitor how your business grows once you kick start with our social media top tips.

Be patient for your social media accounts to flourish, it takes consistency and dedication to grow your social presence, but before you know it your direct messages will be flooding with customer enquiries from far and wide!

Be sure to tag @NouveauLashesUK in your jaw dropping high-resolution lash photos.

Keep up the great work #NLGirlBoss’s, you’re doing amazing.


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