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Nouveau Lashes Is Proud To Be A Cruelty Free Brand

In recent years, the beauty industry has seen an increase in consumers looking for confirmation of what is in the items they use; from insight on ingredients to environmental impacts and ensuring ethical choices our made in becoming better citizens of our world.

A consumer’s quest for information on a product or treatment should prove fast and efficient to ensure their interest or faith in a brand does not waiver. Nouveau Lashes is passionate about customer service, strengthening relationships with our technicians and our wider community so we believe in establishing communication and transparency in the ethical and socially conscious decisions we make.

Our Dedication To Being Cruelty Free

A growing number of both technicians and consumers have been asking us to confirm the cruelty free and vegan status of our treatments and products for a while so we decided to take a much more public stance on this. We began publishing our ingredient lists after a full audit with support from online resources and organisations such as PETA and we’re proud to say we’re officially cruelty free. We then began to take the step to examine whether our products were vegan. We discovered the majority of our products were vegan already and so began submitting them for approval to The Vegan Society for full registration as well as also researching options for when they weren’t with a view to making as many ethically sound decisions as possible for our brand.

Our Treatments & Products

We’ve added a list below to help inform your decisions. The list below is constantly growing as we submit further items for full registration to the Vegan Society. Keep checking back for official updates on your favourite products and treatments.

Keep checking The Vegan Society Site for the latest official updates too

Our Products


Lash Extension Remover
Striplashes (inc. Adhesive)
Eye Make-Up Remover
Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum
Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser
Lash & Lid Cleansing Brush (Awaiting Official Status)


SVS Treatment
Express Treatment
Extend Treatment
Russian Volume Treatment


LVL Lash Lift Treatment (Contains Lanolin & Hydrolyzed Collagen)

Professional Products


Disinfectant Wipes
Sterile Eye Wash
Protein Remover Pads
Hand Sanitiser
Pro Sealant
Ultrabond Adhesives Pro (X)5-15
Adhesive Remover Gel
Individual Lashes and Fillers
Strip Lashes
Under Eye Treatment Pads
Tint Developer
Tint Remover
Holster (Awaiting Official Status)


Hand Wash
LVL Lash Lifting System & LVL Patch Test Kit

Please note: Our Tweezers and Tools currently come in leather pouches which are not vegan friendly. When ordering, please add a note to ship without the pouch if preferred